October 10, 2012

Las Carretas...Mexican

"Are both of you game for Mexican food?" was BB's question when asked what he would like to have for dinner. Where I was concerned, I was not game for anything except the bed. We have been on the road since 10 am on that day. We were caught in the heavy traffic in KL. Bumper to bumper driving that was how bad it was. If that was not enough, we spent almost two hours trying to locate our hotel. We checked into the hotel and before I could, climbed into bed for a short nap it was time for dinner.
The restaurant was only a 20 minutes drive from BB's apartment but all thanks to a GPS gadget that knows no shortcut route; we took an hour to reach. Las Carretas is a nice restaurant that serves Mexican food such as Burritos, Quesadillas, Enchilada and many more. The place looked colourful. The displayed wine bottles, candles and other cheesy chintzy items looked cluttered but done in a beautiful manner. There are even plastic palm trees to give that tropical feeling. 
Whilst we sat talking and waiting for our food, a basket with tortilla chips and salsa arrived (FOC). A piece of chip and a dip into the salsa...oohlala, the dip was delicious and so was the chip. There was enough jalapeno, tomato and it had a tinge of smoky flavour. 
El Presidente (RM25.50)
Our drinks arrived shortly. According to BB, this place served very good margarita. Hubby took a sip and agreed with him.
The glass of Pina Colada (RM16.90) had all three of us disappointed. The coconut used was not of the fresh kind and it tasted ‘old and oily’. However, we have no complaint as to the rum used. It was good and enough. A glass of iced lemon tea (RM5.50) was what I had solely to myself. That was what I needed badly.
As BB bit into his burrito (RM25.90), he raved that there was nowhere else in Kuala Lumpur that served burrito like Las Carretas. As I watched him cut and chew each piece, I have to agree that it must be tasty. I am not a beef person so I took nothing from his plate.
To go with his Burrito BB added an extra order of guacamole dip (RM3). I was slowly nodding off waiting for my food but at his insistence, I took a chip and dipped into the dip. "Holy mole", this is guacamole is heavenly.  There was lots of avocado, enough onions, garlic and tomatoes. Then there was this extra ingredient. "There, there I told you so, it is good!" BB piped in. Hubby mumbled (he had some tortilla chips in his mouth) an agreement. Do try this dip if you happen to drop by this restaurant.
Hubby had a plate of braised lamb shank served with pasta (RM39.90). He cut a small piece for me to taste. The meat was so tender and well seasoned there really was no need for the sauce that came with it. The sauce was good though...peppery, BBQ flavoured sauce with some herbs.
I had a plate of Salchicha de Pollo (RM27.90).  It was a plate of sausages with some sauce. I thought the taste of the sauce dribbled over the sausages tasted like the sauce on hubby's plate. The sausages had me disappointed. I would expect some gourmet sausages served but it was not to be. They tasted like the frankfurters I bought from the supermarket. I ate only the salad and the chips. The rest, I handed them over to the other two sitting across me. :o)
I forgot to check their business hours but I know that it closes at 10:30pm. The location of Las Carretas : 29 Jalan USJ 10/1F, Subang Jaya, Selangor. Tel: 03-5637 3058. It is in TAIPAN, USJ. The road in front of Las Carretas is a one-way street.**10% Service Charge & 6% Government Tax.

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