August 25, 2012

Springs Town Restaurant...

When we walked into the Springs Town Restaurant, it was full of people and very noisy.  I spell the name correctly; it is Spring with 'S'. Every turn I made, I saw food on the tables. Hmmm... The food on their tables looked yummy. The waiter led us to a tiny table by the wall even though I had called an hour earlier to book a table. I thought why I had bothered to call. I never had a chance to ask the waiter (they looked so harried) how long the place has been in operation.  Springs Town Restaurant must have opened recently. It looked relatively new, clean, white and bright.
The waiting time for our food took quite a while.  To be exact, it took forty minutes.  Luckily, we had a lot to talk about and we brought some reading materials. The waiting was bearable but the din was not. 
I do not like 'sweet and sour pork' but we ordered it as the other pork dish we wanted ‘ran out’.  When the dish arrived, I have a mind that I would like it.  I did and in fact, all of us did.  The pork was not the usual minced kind but pieces of pork loin tender and juicy.  The sweet and sour sauce was cooked differently.  It was not sour until it tasted of nothing but vinegar as in the other places we have patronised.  This place cooked it differently.  The sourness came from the tomato sauce.
The 'mah poh tofu' (RM10) was superb.  The cook pre-fried the tofu and that gave it extra fragrance.  It was not too spicy and tasted wonderful.  However, we had a little discomfort, as there were chopped pieces of chilli padi (birds' eye) in it.  I would recommend that if you have children, to inform the waiter to have these omitted. After a few bites into the chilli, 'smoke' came out from my ears.  
We loved the aroma of the fish curry as the waiter lifted the cover of the pot.  What we saw had us eagerly waiting to dig in.  For a normal order, the curry would come with slices of dory fish fillet.  Hubby had it changed to red snapper as dory and his taste buds do not get along.  The curry is delicious and fragrant.  There were more than enough pieces for the three of us.  At RM38 for that pot full of fish pieces, long beans, tomatoes, onions, etc, we thought it was very reasonable.  On top of that, the cook uses ground chilli and not chilli powder for the curry.  In addition, the fish was fresh. 
The roast chicken is Springs Town's signature dish (RM12 for half a chicken). We wanted a whole chicken but what was left was only half and that came from small chicken.  The roast chicken was well marinated and the skin was crispy.  Even the breast meat was tender and full of flavour. The dip made of chilli oil, sesame seed and others was dazzling.  It was the cook's secret recipe. Had we not have an order of curry, I think the dip would be finished in seconds.  
The next order was the bayam (green amaranth/Chinese spinach) with three eggs soup (RM8). For all the other places that we patronised, I always had to request that the cook add less water.  At this restaurant, I overlooked but it arrived, cooked just right.  I loved the sight of the eggs splattered on top of the vegetables and the generous amount of the other two kinds of eggs.  There were also slices of fish cake and that contributed some extra flavour.  The bayam was not 'too old' and it was a delight for us.
The place was almost empty when we finished our meal.  However, there were a few families who walked in at 9:30 pm.:o)
Springs Town Restaurant--113,115 Jalan Seang Tek, 10400 Penang. Tel: 04-2263191 
H/P: Raymond--016-4333466. Business Hours: 11:30am-2:30pm. 5:30pm-10:00pm.
**NO Government Tax and Service Charge.

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