August 29, 2012

Cheers Western Food...

Located in a bungalow Cheers Western Food is one spacious restaurant.  The dining area comes with upstairs, downstairs and verandah area. It is quite brightly lit and clean. The menu is quite extensive with dishes like Fish Thermidor, BBQ Grilled Fish, Seafood Chicken, Pasta, Pizza and many other choices. We find the place cosy and the staff pleasant and polite.
We had an order of Cheers Homemade mushroom soup (RM8) to share.  Mushroom soup has become quite a common soup so to me, it will tell how the food would be like. (Laughters).  The mushroom soup did not have us disappointed.  In fact, it was at par with a few good restaurants we have visited.  Thick with cream (not starch that I detest) and generous amount of mushrooms (shitake); all well blended. 
The House Salad (RM7) had us laughing when it arrived.  From the picture (in the menu) I thought the sliced thingy were pieces of ham. However, when the plate of salad arrived we found out that they were actually slices of peaches. The house salad was a fruit and vegetable salad.  I would say it was not a bad salad as it was a good combination of strawberries, peaches, kiwi fruits and lettuce. 
The plate of starters, the Cheesy Cocktail Sausages (RM6) was nothing spectacular. It was just a plate of chicken cocktail sausage served with cheese dip and pickled cabbages.  The dip was quite nice though.
The serving of Pork Burger came in the form of a minced patty, topped with cheese and vegetables.  The patty was quite juicy and tasty. However, at RM16.50 for that size of burger with chips we thought it was rather pricey.
The order of Cheers Lamb Shank (RM33.50) was a good choice.  It was a huge piece of shank that was juicy and tender.  The black pepper sauce gave it extra body. The meat was well done and so tender it lifted off the bone easily. 
Our plate of Cheers Crackling Pork Knuckles (RM29.50) come 'Thai' style.  That would be how I would describe the dish.  It was a plate of pork knuckles meat without the bone, a piece of deep fried pork skin and salad.  If you do not mind the cholesterol level, bite into the piece of skin.  It is awesome with the crispy bite. The meat was tender and deliciously fragrant. We enjoyed the dish.  The 'Thai' style description comes from the salad.  It came in the form of 'mango kerabu' and pickled cabbage (sauerkraut? nay!).  There were even pieces of bird’s eye chilli. There was a little bowl of black pepper sauce but for us, it was good as it is. There was no need for the sauce.
Take the crackling skin see chunks of meat.
I was quite happy when the plate of Cheers BBQ (RM23.50) arrived even though the sight of the rice made me a little unhappy.  (I never liked rice in Western style food.)   However, it had me disappointed.  The ribs were not BBQ-ed.  It was pre-cooked and BBQ sauce dribbled on the top of the pieces of ribs.  The ribs were tender and melted in my mouth. It would have been quite bland in taste had the BBQ sauce not been dribbled. The mash potato and cauliflower found below the ribs sort of made up for my disappointment in the style of cooking.  The rice was cooked (grainy which I loved) and mixed with some herbs. I would say it tasted not bad. :o)
Cheers Western Food located at 3-X Jalan Pantai Molek, 10470 Tanjung Tokong. Penang. Tel: 04-8999757. Lunch closed at 3pm.  Dinner closed at 11pm. [Opposite Caltex Station)
**NO Government Tax & NO Service Charge.

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