July 12, 2012

Restaurant Grill House...in Tanjung Bungah

Restaurant Grill House was formerly located at Gurney Resort Hotel, Persiaran Gurney. It was then, known as RoadHouse Grill. They moved to the present location about one and half month ago.  This present place looked better with large dining space and different sections.  There is a non-smoking section and a smoking one where the bar is. The menu comprised of many types of Grills, steaks, pizzas, soups...all Western style. 
A tin pail filled with groundnuts was served whilst we waited for our food. Country and Western songs were playing in the background. This place exudes a nice ambience. (That is if you enjoyed such kind of music as much as the two of us do.)
You can be a litterbug here.  Just throw all your groundnut shells onto the floor. The floor is where they belong as it makes a nice cracking sound when you stepped over them.  
The order of iced-lemon tea (RM7.90) came in one large bottle so it really was not necessary to order for two.  We shared the tea.
Our first course arrived shortly.  It was Caesar salad (RM8.90) and home salad (RM7.90).  Both came in generous portions.  The Caesar salad had a dressing that was a tad too sour.  The home salad was great with a generous amount of French dressing.  For both salads the vegetables were fresh and crunchy.
We ordered the cream of mushroom soup (RM9.90) and clear onion soup. The cream of mushroom soup lived up to the word cream. It was thick with cream (not starch) and lots of sliced mushrooms.  The clear onion soup (RM8.90) was a joy to the taste buds with ample amount of sliced onions.
I could smell the aroma wafting in the air as the waiter brought our plates of mixed grill (RM38.90) out from the kitchen. A normal plate of mixed grill would consist of beef, lamb and chicken.  Since we do not take beef, we had it changed to lamb so our plate came with two pieces of grilled lamb instead of one.  A bite into the lamb and we went ooh...la la.  It grilled 'well done' yet still tender and aromatic with nary a hint of 'smelly lamb'. I thought the 'sunny side up' egg was a good idea of the chef.  The egg yolk flowing over the meat gave an extra flavour. The waiter asked if we wanted tomato sauce or any sauce. Maybe salt?  No, we do not need any extra seasoning.  It was fabulous as it is.  The same goes for the chicken despite it being a piece of breast meat was equally tasty and juicy.
The jacket potato mash was a delightful creamy blob with black pepper added.  However, the corn-on-cob was not so.  It was tasteless and half cooked.  I felt a little oil dribbled and a sprinkle of salt would be nice.
The hot rolls (free) came after we had finished our soup and main course.  The waiter overlooked this. Since they were very friendly, the matter did not bother us. Apparently, this is their signature roll.  East Roll is what is known here.  It was nice with a little salty taste.  So, be sure to ask for your rolls if you are having soup
Brownie (RM11.90) made the old-fashioned way was our dessert.  It came with a scoop of ice cream. The brownie was good and sweet.  I passed up on the ice cream, as the brownie was sweet enough on its own.
Coffee (RM7.90) came in a big mug so we ordered only one mug.  After all the food, two cups of coffee would have our stomachs bloat too much. The coffee served is freshly brewed coffee and not of the instant kind.
*There is a promotion running until end of July (will be changed monthly).  For a net price of RM55/= you get to create your own menu for a 5-course dinner set.:o)
Restaurant Grill House. No. 1 Jalan Bungah Pudak, Tanjung Bungah, 11200 Penang. Tel: 604-899 4881
Opening hours: 12:00 noon-3:30pm. 5:30pm-1:00am **NO Government or Service Tax.

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