June 14, 2012

China House...

China House, a traditional space of three heritage buildings linked by an open courtyard.  That is the description on the calling card.  As we walked into the restaurant, I could not help noticing that the building is narrow and long. 
The place is brightly lit, neat and simple in design.  From the front, it seemed like there is limited seating space with only a few tables.  I decided to take a walk deeper and found out that there was another seating area.  
The place seemed to be very popular with the younger generation from what I noticed.  The second floor of this place houses an art centre where there are paintings for sale. 
The courtyard is another beautiful area to dine. 
The food menu is not extensive but they do have a wide selection of wine. We ordered a plate of samosa two of each filled with chicken, coconut and water chestnut. A plate of six pieces costs RM25. It was delectable but not super duper.  I found the samosa with water chestnut to be rather bland. Luckily, the chilli dip was good.
The chicken pie came with chunky pieces of chicken meat inside (RM30).  I liked the creamy style of the filling and called it very traditional.  However, hubby preferred it to be without the cream.  He said too creamy a filling made him queasy.   
The lamb sausages came served with rocket leaves and couscous (RM40).  I would love the sausages more had the smell of the lamb be a little less overpowering.  It was only two sausages but the couscous sort of filled our stomach by the time we polished the plate clean. 
If you loved desserts and still have some space in your stomach after the main course, China House offers a wide array of cakes.  They have cakes such as Italian Cream Cheese, Chocolate Devil, and Tiramisu, just to name a few under the cakes with cream section.  In addition, under the non-cream section cakes like Panaforte, Condense Milk pound cake, etc.  
Both of us could not put another morsel of food into our mouth so we decided to take away a piece of Lemon Curd Cake and a piece of Tiramisu. (RM12/piece)
Lemon Curd Cake
I personally do not like the cakes.  To me, they were just sponge cakes with filling in between.  The tiramisu was not what I have tasted and expected though the sponge was soft and light. 

China House located at 183-B Victoria Street and 153 & 155 Beach Street, Georgetown, Penang. Opening hours: 6pm-10:30 pm everyday. Tel: 04-263 7299 (along the same stretch as the Bomba) Beach Street)  :o) **10% Service charge and 6% Government Tax.

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