May 18, 2012

Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant

We were in the mood and craving for some BBQ style meat.  The cleaning up afterwards was not in our vocabulary that night so we decided to dine Korean style. The few of us decided we would go to Daorae for some Korean BBQ. 
Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant is one spacious and clean restaurant.  It is a place to be when you want to talk and enjoy without feeling 'suffocated' with the tables placed too closely.
At Daorae there is this huge suction fan placed above the grill.   Therefore, we did not have to worry about the ‘greasy feeling’ sticking on our clothes, face, etc. One thing though, when the stove was at work, we did feel rather warm.
YANG-NYUM-DAK-GAL bi (Lean Skinless chicken fillet marinated in Daorae's sepcial soy sauce.
Daeung Gal Bi (Special hand cut back ribs of pork) Served with seasoned sesame oil sauce.
The little saucer of sesame oil sauce
The waiter did all the necessary things.  He prepared the stove and placed the meat on it.  When the ribs are cooked, the waiter came over and cut them up into bite pieces. For the chicken, the waiter did the same as with the ribs but no cutting as they were already in pieces form.   We did not have to do anything except pick up the pieces of cooked meat and…eat.  What a wonderful way to have a BBQ session.  (LOL)
SOON-dubu-jjigae (Soft tofu with fresh seafood simmered in a spicy broth) served with rice.  This is worth a try.  It tasted a little like the Szechuan soup but not that sour and thick.  The mussels were very fresh and delightfully juicy.
The Korean Pancake (Pa-Jeon) is complimentary with an order of a main meat dish (BBQ)
This is the way to savour the different condiments served. Ask the waiter to replenish when the condiments run out.  There will be no extra charge.
Yang Nyum Yang Go Gi (Glass noodles with thin slices of beef) cooked in soup form with mushrooms, carrots, etc.  The broth is thick and full of flavours.  It was an enjoyable bowl of noodles with glass noodles used instead.
Complimentary dessert (fruits in this case)

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