May 27, 2012

12:15am Mee (noodles)

A walk into Golden City kopi tiam will tell one that this is an old kopi tiam.  It is old but clean and brightly lit.  You find friendly people here and nice food.  For my family, it is a nice kopi tiam to drop by for supper.
The 'mee rebus' (noodles with gravy) is quite extraordinary.  I think many will agree with me that when we mention mee goreng an Indian frying comes into our mind. At Golden City, a Chinese woman prepares it. She has been there for as long as I can remember (about 10 years or so).  The night we were there hubby had the mee rebus.  The gravy that comes with it is very different from the Indian style.  The woman used very little potato and chilli boh (ground chilli).  In simple words, she did it her own style. Besides the secret ingredient used in her broth, she also served the mee with lots of potato and  'cucur' (fritters) which are crispy and fragrant with deep-fried shallots in them. Something very unlike the 'cucur' normally found. The mee goreng is also worth a mention though we did not have it that night. 
The banner hung above the stall says it all. The egg noodles are springy yet do not leave that boric acid taste lingering in your mouth.  The black ‘or tau yew’ (thick soy sauce) used is fragrant and does not taste bitter. I always look for these when I eat my plate/bowl of wantan noodles those things. The wantan are ‘real’ ones with meatball inside and not just skin and a speck of meat.  With all these present…then I will say it is yummy.
These stalls closes at 12:15 am and that is the reason why I called them...12:15am noodles.  
Golden City kopi tiam is located along Burmah Road (opposite APT hair & beauty centre).  Near to Rangoon Road and Lorong Selamat junctions in Penang.

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i thought it was in M'sia and I was looking for the shop info. haha.. said...

It is. It is in Penang. Hope you find the place. :o)