May 27, 2012

12:15am Mee (noodles)

A walk into Golden City kopi tiam will tell one that this is an old kopi tiam.  It is old but clean and brightly lit.  You find friendly people here and nice food.  For my family, it is a nice kopi tiam to drop by for supper.
The 'mee rebus' (noodles with gravy) is quite extraordinary.  I think many will agree with me that when we mention mee goreng an Indian frying comes into our mind. At Golden City, a Chinese woman prepares it. She has been there for as long as I can remember (about 10 years or so).  The night we were there hubby had the mee rebus.  The gravy that comes with it is very different from the Indian style.  The woman used very little potato and chilli boh (ground chilli).  In simple words, she did it her own style. Besides the secret ingredient used in her broth, she also served the mee with lots of potato and  'cucur' (fritters) which are crispy and fragrant with deep-fried shallots in them. Something very unlike the 'cucur' normally found. The mee goreng is also worth a mention though we did not have it that night. 
The banner hung above the stall says it all. The egg noodles are springy yet do not leave that boric acid taste lingering in your mouth.  The black ‘or tau yew’ (thick soy sauce) used is fragrant and does not taste bitter. I always look for these when I eat my plate/bowl of wantan noodles those things. The wantan are ‘real’ ones with meatball inside and not just skin and a speck of meat.  With all these present…then I will say it is yummy.
These stalls closes at 12:15 am and that is the reason why I called them...12:15am noodles.  
Golden City kopi tiam is located along Burmah Road (opposite APT hair & beauty centre).  Near to Rangoon Road and Lorong Selamat junctions in Penang.

May 18, 2012

Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant

We were in the mood and craving for some BBQ style meat.  The cleaning up afterwards was not in our vocabulary that night so we decided to dine Korean style. The few of us decided we would go to Daorae for some Korean BBQ. 
Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant is one spacious and clean restaurant.  It is a place to be when you want to talk and enjoy without feeling 'suffocated' with the tables placed too closely.
At Daorae there is this huge suction fan placed above the grill.   Therefore, we did not have to worry about the ‘greasy feeling’ sticking on our clothes, face, etc. One thing though, when the stove was at work, we did feel rather warm.
YANG-NYUM-DAK-GAL bi (Lean Skinless chicken fillet marinated in Daorae's sepcial soy sauce.
Daeung Gal Bi (Special hand cut back ribs of pork) Served with seasoned sesame oil sauce.
The little saucer of sesame oil sauce
The waiter did all the necessary things.  He prepared the stove and placed the meat on it.  When the ribs are cooked, the waiter came over and cut them up into bite pieces. For the chicken, the waiter did the same as with the ribs but no cutting as they were already in pieces form.   We did not have to do anything except pick up the pieces of cooked meat and…eat.  What a wonderful way to have a BBQ session.  (LOL)
SOON-dubu-jjigae (Soft tofu with fresh seafood simmered in a spicy broth) served with rice.  This is worth a try.  It tasted a little like the Szechuan soup but not that sour and thick.  The mussels were very fresh and delightfully juicy.
The Korean Pancake (Pa-Jeon) is complimentary with an order of a main meat dish (BBQ)
This is the way to savour the different condiments served. Ask the waiter to replenish when the condiments run out.  There will be no extra charge.
Yang Nyum Yang Go Gi (Glass noodles with thin slices of beef) cooked in soup form with mushrooms, carrots, etc.  The broth is thick and full of flavours.  It was an enjoyable bowl of noodles with glass noodles used instead.
Complimentary dessert (fruits in this case)

May 10, 2012

'Choo-Char'--Kim Hooi Seafood

I am wondering why I have never posted anything about Kim Hooi Seafood. (It must be the fact that it has become a frequent place to eat for us.) This is a 'choo char' (cook and stir) place in a kopi tiam (local style coffee shop).  Kim Hooi Seafood used to be located in Tanjung Bungah (shifted twice within the same area) and shift to its current location a few years back.  Overall, I think it has existed for more than 10 years.  My family patronize this place for our dinners and some times, supper.  I must say the place offers many different kinds of food.  All of them are delicious and reasonably priced.  You can have dishes like broccoli stir-fry with abalone mushrooms, belachan (prawn paste) deep-fried chicken, roast chicken, etc.  The night I took the pictures for this post, hubby and I were there for our dinner.
The stir-fry broccoli with abalone mushroom (RM8) was something I would say, not so ordinary.  It fragrantly done and the abalone mushrooms was pre-seasoned and then stirred in the broccoli.  It was very tasty and the mushrooms cooked and crunchy (not mushy). 
Next was the deep-fried 'belachan chicken' (RM12) all done to perfection.  The 'belachan' (prawn paste) powder used was quite a good quality one judging from the taste.  In addition, this place uses chicken drumsticks instead of breast meat, which both hubby and I detest.  The chicken is deep-fried and the not overdone with the flesh still tender and juicy.  The taste...good and aromatic. 
The homemade tofu is necessary try (RM6).  It is Kim Hooi's signature dish.  The tofu is homemade, smooth and soft but not watery.  For this dish, the tofu was first deep-fried and then cooked with the scallop and other ingredients.  That made it even tastier.  This is a dish we never forgo even when we visit just for a plate of fried hor fun.  In other words, for our supper.  
The deep-fried fish (red snapper) (RM32) we had would be ordinary if not for the gravy dribbled on it.  It was very tasty and with the freshness of the fish added it was a dish simple but delicious. 
They way the cook prepare the 'lala' (I think it is mussels in English) is wonderful.  It was stir-fry with chilli paste not the usual fare but with 'sambal'!  I have no words to describe it except delicious. (RM8)
The steamed chicken was quite nice.  The pieces of chicken meat were tender and juicy but..I have a complaint.  The gravy with Chinese wine in it was a tad too bland.  I wished the cook had used a little less water. (RM28)
Lady standing (facing camera) is the boss' wife. Boss does most of the cooking
Kim Hooi Seafood has many other good foods to offer.  Give the Roast Chicken, fried mee (mee goreng Chinese style), the yee foo meen (egg noodles fried with gravy) a try, these are my family's favourite.  
The satay sold by a young Malay man here is also recommendable.  My family loves the satay sold especially the 'kambing satay' (mutton).  The meat is tender and well marinated.  The peanut sauce that comes with it is filled with peanuts and flavourful.
Kim Hooi Seafood is located inside 2828 Kopi Tiam.  It is a one-way street and if you are driving along Perak Road, it is on the left hand side.  (Next to a block of flats) Kim Hooi Seafood - Location:  (Corner lot) 56-K Perak Plaza, Jalan Perak, 10150 Penang. Closed on Monday. Person to contact: H/P 012-498 8453