March 18, 2012

Thunder Tea...

I read about Hakka Tree (serves Hakka Cuisine) in our local daily and wanted to give this eatery a visit.  It took me quite many tries to persuade H to visit the place.  The dish I had wanted to try was Lui Ca Fan (I think it is spelt thus).  We finally made it there.  Located on the concourse area where Tesco is located (Tanjung Bungah), the place looked airy and welcoming.
Naturally, I would have no other than the Lui Ca (translated as Hakka Thunder Tea) Fan (rice).  So that would mean I had the Hakka Special Thunder Tea (RM8.90) It was plain rice that came with cabbage, tau foo pok (a type of ingredient made from soy bean), long beans, etc.
Oh, ''This is interesting'', I could not helped from commenting.  Everything vegetables.  I mixed the rice with all the vegetables that came with the rice.  As there was no meat, I 'stole' a piece of oval-shaped meat patty from H's plate.  I found the dish to be something delectable and interesting, the mixture of vegetables and others all on the same plate and mixing it up with the rice.  Then…Eat!
The bowl of tea that came with the rice was something I would consider 'thunder' to my taste buds. I have never drunk such a tea (soup always go with rice in my household).  It is made up of liquid and blended herbs (wonder if tea is in there). I wanted to ask about the tea and the chef would be the bestperson to ask.  I decided against the idea, as the kitchen was quite a distance from the dining area.  The tea is thick and it would be what I acquired taste. The taste was too strong for me. It reminded me of the Chinese herbal medicine that my mother 'forced down my throat' when I was a little girl. I struggled with the tea and gave up halfway.  Poor H, he was enjoying his soup when I decided to swap my tea for his soup. I would still say, it is worth a try as then I can say I have tried it if anyone should mention Thunder tea the next time. 
H had a plate of Hakka Noodle with salted fish (RM10.00).  It was a plate of noodles with minced pork with minced pork  (I think this  made it Hakka food) and two meat patties.  He said it was tasty but not out of this so only. 
The soup was not bad.  A few pieces of chinese cabbage, seaweed and the taste was good.
Left-Iced red bean & right-Iced Honey Melon
The two glasses of drinks we had; Iced red bean(blendeded with coconut milk) and Iced Honey melon was a disappointment.  It was too liquid for the price we paid (RM6.90/glass).  

I liked the spoon and chopstick holder...oooh childhood days
Overall, the visit to the place was not that bad.  I liked the place, as it was airy and bright.  Hakka Tree has quite an extensive menu. I might return to try out the rest on the menu. :o)
Hakka Tree, Tesco Building (Tanjung Bungah), Jalan Seri Tanjung Pinang, Tanjong Tokong, Pualau Pinang. Tel:604-8993887


Nava.K said...

Everything looks so tempting and like the first rice order you made. said...

Give it a go, you might love it!