March 30, 2012

Claypot homestyle

Claypot Restaurant has been around for quite many years.  I cannot recall how many years but it must have been 10 years or so.  The restaurant has a simple and pleasant set-up.  A family-orientated restaurant is how I would describe it.  Tables and chairs are widely spaced with ample room in between.  Good if you have children with you.  
I found the food served here as simple and delicious home-style food.  It is akin to my grandmother/mother's cooking which, I used to enjoy.  That is my description of the food served.
The night Hubby and I were there for dinner, we had the herbal chicken.  I liked the dish but Hubby did not find it to his liking. I would like to think that it had to be due to the fact that, he never liked the taste of herbs with rice.  I found the portion served was reasonable for the price charge (RM10 for small).
The chicken omelette (RM6) is simply delicious.  It was fluffy, nicely done and gravy cooked with mushrooms and onions. It is necessary try.
The stir-fry dou miao (pea sprouts) (RM8-small) was a delight to my taste buds.  It was lightly stir-fried with garlic and no lard was used.  Some restaurants fry it with lard and instead of pieces of garlic; I always bite into little pieces of lard. 
The pot of Curry Lamb (RM12) that we ordered made me went...oohlala!  Chunks of lamb pieces were in the pot and the curry was flavourful.  The curry was thick with sufficient amount of santan (coconut milk) used.  The spices were just sufficient. It was spicy but not too spicy. 
The Mongolian Lamb is one unusual dish we tried.  It is lamb pieces stir fried with dried chillies, onions and other kinds of spices.  It is 'hot' as in spicy hot but it is very tasty. It is a sort of 'dry' dish but I have not tasted lamb cooked in this style. 
The Mongolian lamb (RM18) came served with shreds of spring onions, pieces of celery and pastry.  It is pastry akin to the one used in the making of 'poh piah'. Everything is placed on the skin then wrapped up and...Bite and enjoy. Ever since we 'discovered' this dish, we have not failed to include it when we buy take-away from Claypot.
Just to mention a few others try their Tung Por Pork (cooked with a little fermented soybean), Hong Bak (a nyonya dish) which very few restaurants cook it well.
Curry Shark. 
 The steamed kai lan is a personal recommendation.  They usually come served--young and juicy.
If you remember, most of us would have tasted steamed pork (most of our mothers would have served it to us).  This place does it with chicken and my family loved it.
Claypot Restaurant, 48 Jalan Sungai Kelian, Tanjung Bunga, 11200 Penang, Malaysia.  Tel: 04-8997987 (It is located amongst a row or residential houses.) 10% Service Charge-for Eat-In.  0% for Take-away. :o)


Nick said...

i love claypot! :)

Nava.K said...

OMG! my kind of food seems like what this place has to offer. With their homestyle style of cooking, the taste must have been wonderful and that pork dish is killing me right now. said...

@Nick...You got to try it.:o) said...

@Nava..I am quite sure you will love the pork. It is spicy (what you would love)and very fragrant. :o)