March 26, 2012

Agua @ Straits Quay...

Whoa, we made the right choice deciding to come here for lunch.  That was what went through my head as we walked into the restaurant Agua @ Straits Quay.  The tables were neatly arranged and well spaced out. Just what we needed as Mentri Besar and I, we love to eat and talk.  There were a few other tables occupied but the atmosphere was quiet.  Just what we needed a little ‘privacy’ to talk our heart out as she had just returned from a holiday in NZ.  
The Paella dish with a sprig of Rosemary
Agua has an extensive menu namely Spanish, Mediterranean, Italian...and others.  Both of us had decided on Paella, which was top on our list.  Then for starters, it was a difficult choice.  Agua has many kinds.  I suggested Tapas. We both agreed on the Jamon Serano (RM23) which is a type of dry Spanish cured ham.  We wanted to find out if it really was as what the waiter said.  The jamon (ha morn) is imported and tasted good.  Both of us were not disappointed as it was very thinly sliced (a feat to do that), it was fragrant and do not smell of porcine. It was gentle but delicious on our taste buds. It has to be imported stuff.  We both enjoyed the ham but...I think a few pieces more pieces of baguette and a slightly larger blow of accompaniment would be good.
Jamon Serana (Spanish cured ham)
We ordered the Paella without seafood (there are many different kinds).  I am not a prawn person so we had to settle for the mixed meat paella.  It was simply...Paella (pah-eh-yah) (RM85.50).  A paella  that came with mixed meat chicken and pork.  There were many vegetables such as long beans, carrots, capsicum, etc.  Broad beans were present in the Paella and I wondered if it was of the same kind used in Spain.  This Paella is Filipino style.  (Philippines was under Spanish rule from 1521 until 1898-source from Wikipidea.) Spanish people do not run the restaurant.  MB and I enjoyed the paella.  The rice was not mushy.  It was cooked and grainy (supposed to be so). The saffron was not overused.  The taste was tantalising.  Do take note if you intend to try the paella, the price quoted will be times two.  It is an order for a minimum of two people. I recalled the same experience we had in Spain.
Dessert!  It was something I could not forgo.  There were not many choices so I suggested pudding. MB agreed so we ordered the Spanish Bread Pudding (RM16.90) and shared.  The pudding was delicious.  It was something different as this particular tasted rather like the Traditional Bread pudding kind.  However, the basic ingredient bread was replaced with pannetone (a type of sweet bread loaf from Milan).  It was just our kind of dessert (with coffee) to finish off our meal.
Spanish Bread Pudding

I thought having a Spanish meal without Sangria (a fruit punch typical of Spain, Portugal and Argentina would be rather incomplete so I suggested we order a glass.  We enjoyed the food and the time spent so much, we ordered another glass and shared.  The sangria served was just like what I drank in Spain.  Be careful of the effect though.  After all, it has alcohol in it.

The service at Agua is commendable.  The waiters (male and female) were polite and helpful.  They obliged when we asked for refills of plain icy water.  We were not charged for the icy-cold water.  One thing though, the last person who we ordered Sangria a second time...kept us waiting for the plain water.  Be careful of the alcohol content of the Sangria.  It may be a fruit punch but it has a good 'kick'.  The pleasant disposition of the waiters (even when we stayed way past lunchtime) made our time spent more enjoyable. A BIG THANK YOU to MB for sharing her pictures with me.:o) AGUA, 3A-G 18 & 19 Straits Quay, Jalan Seri Tanjung Pinang, Tanjong Tokong, 10470 Penang. Tel: 04-890 8668  **10% Service Charge and 6% Govt. Tax


Nava.K said...

That first dish with the salsa and salmon is my kind of food. I can imagine the taste of it because we did have something similar during our holiday in Italy. said...

Wonderfully delicious. Both are quite the same but with different names. (?):o)