January 27, 2012

La Paradeta Born...seafood fresh as fresh can be

La Paradeta was a recommendation by our host in Barcelona.  We were told that most seafood (marisco) would cost us an arm and leg to enjoy in Barcelona.  La Paradeta is just the opposite. It is a restaurant that served seafood caught by the owners' boat (that would mean cheaper in prices).  The restaurant is also self-service right to the end.  That meant you pick out what you want from the many boxes of fish, clams, mussels, etc.  Then they are weighed, cooked and served.
La Paradeta is of the relaxed café-style and it is self-service.  Diners pick out what they want to eat from the many boxes/trays of fish, clams, mussels, lobsters, etc.  They are then weighed and payment made.  It would be advisable to order everything at once as the waiting line is usually quite long.  We did what the other diners did then went to a table and sat down.  The place was quite packed but the waiting time was not too long.  Our food arrived in about 20 minutes.  The person at the counter waved (she knew hubby do not speak Spanish) and hubby collected the food.  
Mixed salad with tuna (back) & Deep fried calamari
White Tuna
Bamboo Mussels
And...more mussels
The plates of seafood were very fresh. The way of cooking was a surprise to both of us.  It was nothing elaborate, just steamed and served drenched in olive oil with herbs.  The taste was superb.  Hubby wished he had ordered lobster when he ordered the extra portion of mussels.  In his words...I could finished off a whole lobster easily. (I am not a lobster person.)  The way the seafood was cooked was easy on the palate and digestion.  In addition, it was reasonably priced.  The whole meal including drinks (2 cokes) cost us €32.35. Do remember to clear the table of your own plates, cups and take it to the counter.  It is self-service right until the end.  (Plates and glasses, they go to different counters) I wondered if such a system would work in Malaysia. :o)
La Paradeta Born located at : C/ Comercial 7, 08009 Barcelona, Tel. 932 681 939
Coordenadas GPS: 41º 23' 10.50" N | 2º 11' 01.78" E

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