January 27, 2012

Conesa...So Good Sandwiches plus more

No one introduced Conesa (located opposite the Palace of the Generalitat building) to us.  We walked around and reached Placa Sant Jaume.  There we saw a long line of people outside the shop.  The shop was small and did not look very impressive.  Out of curiosity, hubby decided to join the line.  
The menu pasted on the glass window was extensive.  A friendly man translated quite a few items listed on the menu to hubby.  Even patatas bravas were on the menu. Tables are limited inside the shop.  The day we were there, the place was packed.  Even the 'standing style of dining' where there you stand and eat at a table, were filled.  We decided to take have our sandwiches packed.  It was done simply...putting the two (plus one extra) already wrapped ones into a plastic bag.  
The sandwiches are prepared using the easiest method-grilled with no oil.  The buns, sausages, meat and others (depending on what you ordered) are placed in their special grill and cooked.  The buns and the grill, they are Conesa's trademark. Delicious, Simple and Quick food.   It became our 'take-away' food for supper till we depart from Barcelona.:o)
Conesa is located at: Barri Gòtic, Llibreteria 1(Plaça Sant Jaume), 08002 BARCELONA. To arrive there : use Metro Jaume (Line 4) 

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