January 28, 2012

Can Mano in Barcelona

We walked from La Rambla to a restaurant called Can Mano.  It was recommended by our host.  Can Mano is a typical, noisy Catalonian restaurant.  It was around 1 pm and the place was packed.  
He must be the owner
Waiting to be seated 
Menu pasted on wall
Alcachofas (artichoke)-deep fried
Chipirones (Squid)-deep fried
The food we had is atypical of Catalonian food.  Our host told us that we must try them.  It was fresh seafood coated in batter and deep-fried.  The alcachofas (artichoke) was something we had not tried before not even fresh ones. The outer layer was chewy so I had them peeled off.  The inner layer was tasty and a delightful way to eat the vegetable. The chipirones would be what I say...try them! It was not common for us to eat it whole including the ink. I remembered my mother telling me to totally remove the 'ink sac' from the squid before cooking.  Or...we would all die from poisoning. LOL. It was an enjoyable experience and the taste...loved it.
Boquerones (anchovies)-deep fried
Bread served!
We were each given a roll of hard bread.  The bread...erm it was just placed on the table. LOL 
The atmosphere was lively and noisy but we enjoyed ourselves.  It was not just the food, it was the feeling of 'being there' dining like the Catalonians.  Do not be surprised to find a group of singers coming into the restaurant and singing loudly.  It is common as whilst we were there, two groups came in and after they finished singing, they walk around, asked for contributions.  I was so caught up with it; I forgot to take a picture. (Get your money ready.)
Caramel custard & coffee
When the first picture was taken (above), there was only a couple waiting.
Then...it grew longer...
Longer line...by the time we walked out of the restaurant.
...And longer. It was 3:30 pm when we left Can Mano. :o)  Located at 20 Carrer Del Baluard Barceloneta, 08003. Tel: 93 319 30 82.


Nava.K said...

Must been an awesome experience touring Barcelona and oh yes, I like some of the fried stuffs too, crispy and crunchy.

Bubbles...ooo said...

Awesome and Great experience. Enjoyed not just the food but lessons learnt too..we were robbed at knife-point!