December 31, 2011


We stumbled upon this restaurant, we we needed to rest our feet.  In addition, we were looking for a few items on our 'food to eat' list. We were looking for bravas and oreja (pig's ears).  They have it here.
The restaurant was quite empty at the time we arrived.  It was around 3:00pm.  As the clock ticked, more patrons trickled in.  By the time we finished our snacks, the place was full. I saw that most of them like both of us were there for just snacks. It was near Christmas and El Duero is located near Puerta Del Sol.  
The Bravas-alioli was not out of this world.  It was potato wedges deep-fried with some sauce dribbled on top.  To me, the sauce tasted like chilli with tomato sauce all mixed.  There could be some kind of herbs and pepper added too.
The oreja was some experience. I thought the plate served consisted more than just pig's ears.  Hubby said it was too oily. There were lots of fats in the pieces of ears and stuff.  I thought it was an acquired taste and bite.  There is a pungent smell of pork and the bite was slightly hard with the ligaments.  It was a new eating experience for both of us eating the ears.  I would describe it as quite tasty but not exactly heavenly.
The ensalada mixt (mixed salad) was a great choice.  The lettuce, tomatoes, capsicum were all very fresh.  There were chunks (yes chunks) of tuna in the salad.  It was nothing we have seen in salads served back home (Malaysia).  
Don't you think that Spanish people are big eaters.  By the time the cordero asado (roast lamb) arrived, we were too full.  The plate of lamb came served with rice and potatoes.  That was really too much.  We asked for it to be packed and we will take it home.  I found out that they do not have boxes or containers for the food to be packed. The food was wrapped in tinfoil, placed in a bag and given to us.  The waiter who attended to us was very friendly.  He speaks all Spanish and we speak only a few words of Spanish (by then).  He tried his best to accommodate our requests and was always…smiling.  Such was the hospitality of the Spanish people. El-Duero is very popular with the Spanish people and highly recommended.
EL-DUERO located at: C/. Espoz y Mina, 4.
Tel. 91 522 52 02


Nava.K said...

Wow! love that simple fried potatoes drizzle with the sauce and the roasted lamb. My hubby is a big fan of lamb and he will enjoy this very much. said...

Hi Nava, you travel quite often so if you do visit Spain, remember this place. You will enjoy. All the best.:o)