November 1, 2011

BAR B Q...This is Thai Style!

One round, two rounds...both hubby and I could not make up our minds on what to eat.  We were at the basement of Gurney Plaza, Penang looking for food.  We made up our mind when a young man who stood outside Bar B. Q. Plaza eatery handed us a leaflet.  Oh, BBQ.  We trotted into the restaurant and were seated.  In my mind (and right until the grill pan was brought out), we had the idea that we were having Korean BBQ.
Bar B Q Plaza looked clean and bright.  The interior is simple but attractive.  I liked the furniture arrangements.  There is ample walking space.
The menu showed wide array of meat, vegetables and many others for the B B Q.  Since, it was our first time we opted for the Super Mix Combo (RM33.90) which was an offer item. 
"Is this the grill?" I asked.  "Yes."  Hmmm, this is so different from the other Korean BBQ we visited. "Oh! This is not Korean BBQ.  "It is Thai" the waiter replied.  What?  How we laughed.  We did not know what we were having for dinner.  The grill pan was first filled with broth and lighted up.  This grill pan is quite special.  There is a 'longkang' (drain) for the broth. You can see the broth boiling (with bubbles) in the above picture.   
A plate consisting of different cuts of meat from the pig (we do not take beef), a few pieces of chicken, calamari, a few meatballs, prawns and shredded vegetables.
We placed the meat on the grill after it was heated.  Both of us looked quite stupid, as we did not know what we had to do. Trying to put the vegetables into the tiny 'longkang' without any spillage was quite difficult. In simple words, the groove by the side of the grill was too shallow.
I have in the picture above a piece of lard.  See how ignorant we were, we did not know what the two pieces of fats were.  Actually, we were supposed to pick the fat up and rub it over the top of the grill!  By the time we were informed, the pieces of meat we had placed on the grill; they were all stuck.  I had no complaints as I actually enjoyed myself.  I told hubby that this is like playing 'masak-masak' (child's play). The broth was nice and with the shredded cabbage added, it tasted even nicer.  Other than the yummy broth, the meat tasted ordinary even after the BBQ.  
They should have made the 'longkang' of the grill wider.  It was not wide enough.  The shredded cabbage and stuff were all over the table. By the time we finished, we were nothing but two messy people dining at the table!
The set also included a plate of deep fried (sinful) bacon.  I felt so sinful adding extra fat to my waistline.  I have to say this, the plate of bacon; not to be missed.  We behaved like we (hubby and I) were in a competition eating those tasty pieces of bacon. (laughters)
The picture above showed how the dip should be.  Pour the chopped garlic, bird-eye chilli and squeeze the very tiny piece of lime all into the sauce.  I almost asked for soy sauce when the piring (small saucer) came with only the garlic, bird-eye chilli and lime.  The brown sauce came separately in another small bowl. 
A bowl of rice and two glasses of green tea comes with the combo set.  Do not be such a fool like yours truly...asking for refill of tea.  I was not entertained when I asked for refill.  I thought all the waiter could have done was bring me another glass of tea (inform me no refill).  He merely walked away and never came back.  I got tired of waiting and since we were finishing the food, I made no fuss.
There will be refill of the brown sauce, chili and garlic and the broth.  Ask for them when you see the cart (above picture) pass your way.  I found that to be rather interesting.  

If you feel you want a different kind of dining (for a change) head to B B Q Plaza,  B1-05 Basement, Old Wing, Gurney Plaza, Pesiaran Gurney, Penang.**10% Service Charge. 6% Government Tax.  Have fun. :o)


Nava.K said...

I quite enjoy the BBQ as there's plenty to go eat and with Thai style, all the more though have not tried this one.

Looks good and worth the try. said...

Hi Nava, I think this is a new thing..the Thai BBQ. One thing though, the place was filled with young people...we were the odd couple! LOL. Hope u enjoy yourselves when u visit. :o)