September 24, 2011

Suffolk House Restaurant..

Suffolk House, ermm...where is it? A shame...I (We) must be to Penangites. All I knew about Suffolk House was it had something to do with Captain Francis Light. Then after Captain Francis Light's death, it became the house of the Governors of Penang. I decided to 'drag' hubby to Suffolk House just to find out where this building is. I heard (from a friend) it had a restaurant inside so the trip was to have lunch. (made a few weeks back)
Ooh, the place looked splendid.  A mansion surrounded by lush greens.  Photography was not allowed inside the building.  We walked around the building.  Visitors can take a tour of the building/site at RM10/pax.  If you are dining, you would be allowed to take pictures of the restaurant.
Suffolk House Restaurant, Bagan, Eclectic (wonder if it is still there), No. 68 Kelawai Road (ceased operations), The Mansion; they are all under the same owner.  The owner (I think) has a knack for colonial buildings. LOL.  The interior of the restaurant impressed us.  Curtains hung from the ceiling to the floor.  The side furniture in white, blended well with the chairs in dark coloured wood.  Antique looking mirrors on the wall together with the plants gave the interior the classy look.   
The day we were there for lunch the place looked almost empty.  There were only two tables occupied.  A set menu of chicken (RM46), lamb (RM48) and steak (RM50) was what we ordered. For the set, you have a choice of either salad or soup.  Dessert and coffee/tea came with the set menu.  
A plate of greens with couscous. Couscous is a type of North African semolina made from crushed durum wheat. The greens with the couscous were something different.  It was not common to find salads served this way.
The mushroom soup was good. The way it was served was nice too. 
Minced chicken wrapped up in pastry was how my dish was served.  I was the one having the chicken.  I think it did not strike me in any way.  I had no notes on it! (Sorry)
BB had the steak. He did not like the steak very much. So-so was his comment. The steak was not tender enough. Hubby said the meal was not impressive. 
We did not end our meal in despair.  The last thing served...sweet and delicious.  It was bread pudding.  That had us drooling!
After lunch, we took a walk over the bridge with Sungai (river) Ayer Itam running below. It was in the afternoon but the walk was relaxing.  The decision made to visit Suffolk House not that bad.  Hubby did not enjoy his meal.  Price as expected (as with all the other outlets) was rather steep.  Ah well, this is fine dining. I would say, been there, done that.
Suffolk House located at 250 Jalan Ayer Itam, Georgetown, 10460 Penang. Contact: 04-2283930.
Lunch: 12:00 noon-2pm. Tea: 2:30pm-6 pm. Dinner:7pm-10pm. 10% Service charge & 6% Govt Tax.:o)
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Nava.K said...

Having been to Penang a couple of times, I seem to have missed this place too. The bread pudding look really good. One my list to check out this place and who knows, we can meet up too. said...

You missed this place? I live in Penang and I have 'missed it' all these while! LOL. The last giving it a thought. Yeah? All the best. :o)