September 10, 2011

Berlin's Bier Houz...German & European Bistro

We decided to take a walk around Straits Quay.  Both of us had high tea so dinner would be a light one.  The pleasant walk lead us to Berlin's Bier Houz.  A pub...for dinner? I did not like the suggestion. Since hubby said he wanted to check the place out, I relented.
Woo, the place looked spacious, neat and brightly lit.  The flooring and tables blended perfectly. It was not noisy despite the place not being empty.  There were quite a number of tables occupied. I spotted a pool table and a dartboard.  A nice place for a drinking session and gathering.
The waiter (girl) seated us at the beer barrel table.  After a while, I protested. The height of the chair was too high and I sat hunched.  On the other hand...maybe I have a long upper torso and short legs. As such, my back felt tired and that was even before the food arrived. According to the waiter, the other table was reserved. (I pointed to a table behind me.) We had no other choices but to remain where we were.

Our order of German Meat Balls arrived after quite a wait. The plate consisted of six meat balls (RM13) coated with breadcrumbs and deep-fried.  The taste was not spectacular but the texture was good.  It was deep-fried but the meat was tender.  A bite into the ball had the juices of the pork oozing out.  That was an enjoyment.  A sauce for dipping was served with the meatballs.  Oh, that was not needed.  It was good on its own.
The plate of Berlin's Special Pork Ribs had us really disappointed.  It was nothing special.  The ribs were plain-cooked. Then, had some sauce 'squirted' over it.  The meat tasted bland.  If softness of the meat is any consolation, then that was just it.  With a price of RM27.80 for three small pieces of ribs, I call that pricey. 
The German Sausage Platter (RM25.80) came with three sausages served with sauerkraut, mustard, mayonnaise and some greens.  It was just a plate of sausages. I have never left an eatery with aching back.  That night, I did.  Boy was I glad when we were done. I would have ended up as the Hunchback of Notre-Dame had the meal taken longer.  The table I pointed to (above picture) it remained unoccupied until we left the place!
Berlin's Bier Houz@ Straits Quay, 3E-G-3B Block E, Ground Floor Seri Tanjung Pinang. Penang. Tel : 04-8998887  **10% Service Charge. 6% Government Tax.

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