September 29, 2011

Bee Wei Seafood Restaurant

I could not remember how long Bee Wei Seafood has been in operation.  (I did ask but I cannot remember the information now.)  All I can remember as I type here is the choo char (stir-fry) is reasonably priced and good.  This place is clean (washroom too!). Hubby cautioned me about 'putting' this eatery here.  He thinks it will make the owner increase the prices of their food.  Hmmm...I sure do hope the owner would not.  I believe in this adage 'good things are meant to be shared.'  In my case, the good food I have tested and tasted.
We had visited Bee Wei a number of times before for dinner.  I find the dishes served are tasty and not expensive. Dishes served here are quite similar to those found in the other 'choo-char' eateries. Dishes such as belachan (prawn paste) chicken, curry fish, sweet-sour pork, deep-fried pomfret, steam-fish, etc.
Tonight we had the yau-mak (small romaine lettuce) stir-fry with 'tau-joo' (fermented bean paste) (RM6). I said plain stir-fry but it came with prawns, my arch nemesis added (especially in vegetables). I frowned but Si Thau Por  (lady boss) assured me that they were fresh. Hubby's exclamation, "Just take a look at the size!" left me without much choice. It was deliciously cooked. The look was not that appealing due to the tau-joo but the lettuce was still crunchy. That meant it was not over cooked.
The next order was a plate of marmite chicken (RM9).  Hubby was not too pleased with the chicken.  He complained that it was a bit dry.  I think it was over deep-fried.  I liked the taste of the pieces of chicken.  Even though the pieces of chicken were a bit dry; it did not bothered me as it added to the fragrance.  As, the amount of marmite used was generous. It was simply delicious. I licked my spoon clean of the gravy.
Steamed-fish is a dish hubby will not order unless we are at a proper restaurant.  Most of the time as he put it, the fish are 'half-fresh'.  We ordered red snapper-teochew chueh (teochew style steamed fish)You would not believe it.  Si Thau Por (lady-boss) gave us the assurance that if it is not fresh, we get our money back.  That is how fresh the seafood here is.  True to her words, the fish was 'juicy fresh'.  The teochew chueh fish (fish @ market price RM26) was done perfectly.  There were enough kiam chai (salt preserved vegetables), snui puey (salted plums), tomatoes, tofu and others.  In simple words, 'kau liau' (full of oomph).  
Drive up to Air Itam (towards Kek Lok Si).  After Chung Ling School, look out for the Muslim Orphanage on your left (if you are driving up from town).  Drive straight after the crossroad traffic lights (look out for an Indian temple ahead).  Bee Wei Seafood is on your left as you approached the Indian temple.  The picture above shows the Indian Temple.
The above picture shows the road running by the side of Bee Wei Seafood. It is Jalan Satu, Air Itam.
Bee Wei Seafood located at 4J Jalan Air Itam, 11500 Penang.  Contact: Sally--012 4789207. Closed once a fortnight on Wednesday at around 11:00pm. :o)**No Govt & Service tax.


Nava.K said...

the fish looks so tempting, my hubby loves fish so he will definitely enjoy this. said...

The fish..yah it was good. Give this place a visit. It is clean too. Best wishes. :o)