June 14, 2011

Finnegan's Pub (Irish) @ Straits Quay

The night we went to Straits Quay for dinner, it was raining heavily. As it was the school holidays season, this mall was full of people. Most of the eateries were packed. Actually, both of us were looking for Oh Sushi. We could not locate it. Thus, we found ourselves at Finnegan's Pub (Irish). Hubby had been here not for the food but for a drinking session. He told me he liked the place. All I wanted was food as I was knackered and hungry that night.Both of us settled for the same order. A plate of Lamb Hock each and a bowl of French Onion soup.The first thing that got my attention was this big blob (see picture above). I poked at it and found that it was mashed potato. The chef had the mashed potato coated with breadcrumbs and deep-fried. It was mashed potato of a different kind.The serving of Lamb Hock was generous. It was one big piece of meat and large chunks of cauliflower and carrots. However, the taste was not to my liking. It was braised lamb hock served with tomato puree as sauce. The sauce made of tomato puree was prepared lightly and dribbled over the meat. As much as I love lamb hock (shank), I was disappointed. Hubby was impartial. He just ate and finished the food. The French Onion soup came served with a piece cheese on toast. That was a welcome sight, as I loved cheese on toast.
The soup was rather thick and it was not clear soup. I have not tasted French Onion soup prepared in this way. The taste of the soup was different. A bit creamy but not bad. Irish cooking? The waiters who served us were friendly and that sort of made up for my disappointment. Finnegan's Pub is located @ Straits Quay, Unit 3E-G-1, Penang. Tel No: 04-8981688. Fax :04-8908688 ** 10% Service Charge & 5% Government Tax. [There is a promotion going on for the month of June. You can call for more details.]


ken said...

yum... looking delicious :)

Nava.K said...

been to the one here, not too bad in taste too.

Bubbles...ooo said...

Hi Nava, I didn't quite like the taste. Mayb not my taste. LOL

Arief Arf said...

hi kakak!
sorry dah lama tak visit! X)
oh the mashed potato sounds awesome, coated with breadcrumbs and then fried? must have tasted awesome as well!

Bubbles...ooo said...

Hi Adik Arief, On the contrary. Something different yes. The taste..I would prefer it NOT DIFFERENT. LOL.
**I was wondering what happened to u. After the bisul and stuff. Glad u r good. Best Rgds.