June 24, 2011

The Bungalow @ Lone Pine Hotel

We took a drive up to Batu Ferringhi to check out Lone Pine Hotel.  Closed for refurbishment, Lone Pine Hotel has since re-opened (been nine months since).  The hotel looked very different and it was beautiful.  We had to walk past the swimming pool to get to The Bungalow restaurant. 
It was a pleasant walk to the restaurant.  Trees, lights and the swimming pool, everything was so beautiful at night.  
We opted to dine alfresco with the sea breeze and moonlight.  The whole place looked tidy and clean. It was so different from the old restaurant.  Even the roof was changed.  I mentioned the roof as the last time I was here it leaked.  It was raining very heavily and the floor was wet.
The place looked deserted and we were the second table occupied.  The items listed in the menu looked quite the same.  This used to be a restaurant well known for their Hainan's dishes.  A check with the waiter confirmed that it is still.
We were there to check out the restaurant.  As both of us were not specific in our choices, we settled for what the waiter recommended. We just wanted some snacks.
The Bungalow now and the restaurant before were well known for their Choon Pniah (spring rolls).  The spring rolls arrived but we were disappointed that it had shrunk in size (portion served). It was rm16 for the two rolls with some vegetables.  The filling was still tasty but it was little. 
I am a vegetable person and I need to have them.  Instead of the usual green salad, hubby suggested the Baked Vegetables.  The plate of vegetables made up of a few pieces of shitake mushrooms, a few pieces of potato, zucchini and eggplant.  It was topped with feta cheese.  The plate of vegetables was good, that was to me only. Vegetables dribbled with olive oil, baked and with feta cheese on top.  At rm20 per plate, hubby thought it was expensive. He commented that it was nothing special except for the cheese.  You can actually count the number of pieces of the vegetables..LOL.  This plate of vegetables could be expensive because of the feta cheese (?).
I recalled that this restaurant used to be synonymous with macaroni pie.  The macaroni pie (rm26) arrived and I could not wait to plunge my spoon and start scooping.  The top made up of egg white meringue looked delicious.  There are very few restaurants in Penang that has macaroni pie on their menu.
A bite and taste of the filling had me say this...Ow!  It did not taste that good.  The macaroni was little and the filling was with too much fluid.  It was not as delectable as I had expected.
Hubby decided that he could do with a bowl of soup to go with pie.  We agreed to an order of Boston Chowder (rm14).  Ooh, the chowder was deliciously filled with prawns, mussels, scallops and mushrooms.  I loved it to the last drop and licked the spoon clean.  Hubby just smiled when I asked if he liked it.
I told the waiter before the bill was paid.  The hot bun served, it was stale and dry.  I wanted  to take-away some bread from this place but changed my mind.  This place supposedly has nice bread from their kitchen.  
The Bungalow, Lone Pine Hotel, 97 Batu Ferringhi. 11100 Penang.  Tel : 604-8868686. **10%Service charge & 6% Government Tax.

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