March 3, 2011

Muar Chee..anyone?

This is the hawker centre found at Gurney Drive. We are here tonight to look for muar chee. Some say muar chee is a dessert (pencuci mulut in Malay) to some it is snack. To us, it is yummy bites. You can find this dessert all over Penang. For my family, this is our favourite...the best so far. Some muar chee are tough to bite. What is sold here is soft but not liquid and smooth. The peanuts used are fresh and fragrant. Glutinous rice is ground to a paste and steamed. It is then cut into small pieces and tossed in toasted and ground peanuts mixed with sesame seeds. This is Muar Chee. You get an extra oomph in taste when it is dribbled with oil fried with shallots. The above picture shows the packet of muar chee from our favourite stall. It is half eaten, as I did not think about blogging until I was half way through the packet. :o)


Nava.K said...

Gurney drive is a food haven but some food here not that great. Will look for this stall for sure if I am at Gurney. said...

Hi Nava, Agree totally with you that not all the food here are good.:o)