March 13, 2011

Federal Place--Restaurant.Bistro.Cafe.

A new management has taken over this restaurant Federal Place. (I have a post up on this place earlier.) The interior redone and the place is now brighter. I think it looked better. The Chef is still the same so the menu remained quite the same as before.

Their signature dish, the grilled rack of lamb is still here.
 We ordered the inchi kabin and it was still as good. The chicken was very well marinated and properly deep-fried.

This is something, which was not on the menu earlier. Stewed pork leg (pig's trotter) with 'hor fun'. It was my first time tasting this dish. It reminded me of the canned pork leg (narcissus brand from China) that my mother used to add to the bee hoon she fried. The texture of the 'hor fun' was superb. It is not common to come across such 'hor fun'. It was fine, smooth and slightly springy. The stewed pork leg was very tender and juicy in taste. I half expected it to be drier as it was so tender. I was surprised. The 'hor fun' and the stew added together give this dish both thumbs up.
The curry we ordered was a disappointment. I have never liked curry where the cook used curry powder and do not give it a good fry. This was what happened with this curry. The powdery taste lingered on my tongue. My husband also agreed that the curry was not good.The spinach dish was palatable but we would have preferred it with less water.
If you still have, enough space in your stomach then try the 'choon pniah' (spring rolls). I highly recommend it. The rolls are stuffed with tasty filling (it is not half-empty), delicious and crispy to bite. Even the dip that that comes with these rolls is good. Now, not every restaurant does the dip well. This place does.Federal Place is located at 341 Jalan Dato Keramat, 10150 Georgetown, Penang.
Tel no: 04-2284188
**6% Govt tax & 5% service charge

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