February 3, 2011

OFA-Old Flavours Authentic

When you have too few people left in the house, it becomes a waste of time to cook. The two of us are always on the lookout for new places or restaurants to eat. Old Flavours Authentic is a restaurant we drop by often for our dinner. OFA serves the usual dishes served elsewhere but with better taste. The place is decent and affordable. We had the cauliflower stir fried. In Hokkien, it will be 'char chap'. The way the stir-fry is done made this dish nice. It has enough gravy for you to 'wet' your rice and the cauliflower was still crunchy. The bamboo shoots and mushrooms added extra flavour to this stir-fry.
What kept us coming back here was the Curry Kapitan (RM12 for small). The curry is just thick enough with santan and aromatic spices. You can feel the bite of the shredded serai (lemon grass) and kafir lime leaves and this is something I love. The cook is generous with these but not over done. The gravy is thick as what Curry Kapitan should be and not too liquid. From my drooling mouth, this curry is a necessary try. The portion served (I am talking about small portion here) is just comfortable for two person's stomach.Try the Marmite fish fillet (RM12 for small) if you think you have space in your stomach (I forgot take a picture). This dish is done and cooked well as the fish used is fresh and it does not smell. Pork is not served here. Old Flavours Authentic is located at 41 Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah
10050 Penang, Tel: 04-2298189 :o)
**NO 10% service charge

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