October 14, 2010

That Little Wine Bar...

Have you ever been to a restaurant and come out thinking you've been overcharged? Well, join me here...at That Little Wine Bar. I have nothing good to write about this red snapper (RM28) dish. Both of us felt that the dish was tasteless. 3 small pieces of snapper served with gravy that was too liquid. The fish was 'swimming' in the liquid.hroom Quiche was so-so and it was nothing to shout about. I thought the pastry was a bit soggy. Paying RM28 for such a small piece really isn't worth it.
The 3 Salmon Tartare (RM35) tasted quite alright. The salmon pieces were fresh and you get enough herbs in it. For the price we paid, the piece was a tad small. French Onion soup (RM22) wasn't delectable either. The stock was too liquid and not tasty. Hoever, we were consoled by the pieces of cheese on toast that came with the soup. We thought the whole meal would be a disaster but it didn't turn out so. The Cheese cake was good. Rich and light.....good to the last bite. At RM10 per piece, this is the only thing I'd recommend here. The service is good. I am no connoisseur of French cuisine but I think the food quality and portion needs improvement. We weren't the only ones who came out of the restaurant disappointed. We had a friend who gave us this answer when asked about the food served at this restaurant. "Sorry, I can't say much as the food served was too little for me to even taste!"
Location: That Little Wine Bar @54 Jalan Chow Thye, 10050 Georgetown, Penang.:o(
10% Service and 5% Government Tax


Arief Arf said...

it is overpriced, especially with that kind of small portion.


Bubbles...ooo said...

Lagi not oohlala taste. :(