September 1, 2010

Eating at 3am..

3 am in the morning and you are feeling hungry? Do not fancy cheese on toast, bread and butter or jam? Take a drive around town! Yupz, which was what hubby and I did. Aren't we lucky to be living in a country where food is found almost anywhere, everywhere and any hour? Our drive was smooth because there were hardly any cars. Most would be in slumber land now except for us two the night owls or early birds in this instant. We passed by many 'nasi kandar' shops but decided this time we will have something 'cheng-cheng' (not too oily). We arrived at TownView Seafood Cafe. Townview is actually a seafood restaurant but from 12 midnight onwards porridge is served. You can have either sweet potato porridge or just plain porridge.Just take a look at the array of dishes available here. Plain fried eggs, eggs fried with preserved turnips, steamed pork with preserved vegetables (choy poh), plain fried fish, fried fish in dark soy sauce, curry chicken, fried chicken, Chinese sausages, tau yew bak (pork in soy sauce), so many different kinds of vegetables, etc..... gosh, just making a choice on what to order was difficult. We were so spoilt for choice. Fried egg plant with tau cheong (fermented beans) and fried pomfret in dark soy sauce. The fried egg plant was good but not the fish. It was simply too sweet for the two of us.The 'mui choy' (also preserved vegetable) is very delicious with porridge. We had two portions of it. Egg with 'choy poh' and pork steamed with 'tong chai'. Everything tastes good early in the morning!We thought we were late or early.....? There were still people walking in as we prepared to leave. If you are a night owl like us or early bird, feeling is where you go.:o)
11 Jalan Macalister, 10400 Georgetwon, Penang
Tel: 04-2283645 (open till 5am)

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