August 23, 2010

One place so Thai...Khunthai Village

After many choices being ticked off from our lists of places to eat; hubby decided that this time we will take a drive to the mainland. We decided to go to Khunthai Village an eatery hubby patronized 2 weeks ago. Khunthai Village is actually located inside a residential area. Hubby said it will be a quick drive over from island to mainland but we had to make many turns as a turn was missed and yet he said.....Oh, no problem, easy to find!As I got out from the car and walked towards Khunthai I sort of regretted agreeing to have dinner here. The aluminum roof gave me the idea that this place will be hot with our hot days now. After being in the restaurant for a while I thought that the place is neat. It actually looks like a village and the place is huge, spacious with more than 50 tables (I think). There are different kinds of set ups. Long rectangle tables or round metal/plastic tables those you normally find in a kopitiam. The place is actually very airy and not hot with the atap roofs up above our heads and the many fans mounted on the beams. Enjoy the table whilst waiting for your food to arrive. I just love the tables and chairs.
We didn't have to wait long for food to arrive which was surprising as the place was quite full. This is for me a must-have - The Kangkong fried in flour. Everybody loved this dish as it was crunchy and tasty not bland and soft (the batter, I mean) like what some other Thai restaurants.This is the way the Thais eat their bean curd (toufu), deep-fried and served with a dip. This is a very different dip like what we normally get in Gurney Drive. There is sliced raw onions, sliced raw shallots, shredded mango, chili, anchovies all mixed in typical Thai sauce; sweet and sour. This is a must try as even mama loves it. We only had one choice on fish, steamed and steamed only. It couldn't be done any other way as that's how mama likes her fish. Oooo, I tell you the fish is so good. It oozes freshness and the way it is steamed; even the gravy was all slurped dry. Even the plain Japanese toufu tasted good with the sourish gravy.I am not a seafood person so the waiter told us we could ask for less prawns or maybe replace the prawns with calamari (more of it) for the Seafood tom yam hubby ordered. Never mind, I told hubby that we'll take the normal order. Just look at the Seafood tom yam. Does it look really hot and spicy? It came looking red with lots of fish fillet, prawns, calamari.... Looks can be deceiving as this is one tom yam that is just nice. Seriously, I've been to places where I think either the cook is a sadist or he misjudged his chili portion. You can feel smoke coming out of your ears eating it but not this place. All 4 of us enjoyed the tom yam with only me sweating a little. Even mama who is a 'not too spicy' person said the soup is simply delicious and done just right. Tasty, good, not too sour and not too ridiculously luak (spicy in hokkien). This is one tom yam that doesn't explode your taste buds. The 3 of us adults thought that this Spicy Mango (Thai) dish was a mistake order. Having the tomyam and this dish together was a 'too sour' feeling for mama and me. The mango used in this dish is really unripe and very sour. I think it is too Thai for us and also, there really is nothing special with just mango, the usual Thai sauce and anchovies. I love this dish, Fried egg with Thai vegetable. I couldn't make the waiter understand me. I wanted to know what this Thai vegetable is. What kind of vegetable was used? I gave up in the end and continued to enjoy the dish. We know Thais are well-known for their pineapple fried rice but what was served to us was a great disappointment. The rice was soggy and the fried rice taste of nothing but salt. It wasn't even fried, maybe just stirred in oil were mama's description of the fried rice. We didn't have any seafood as I'm not a seafood person and hubby just had lots of seafood 2 weeks ago. Hubby told mama and BB that the next time we visit this place we will make sure we come with more people as he recommends the chili crab and crab fried in salted eggs. He had these two dishes when he visited 2 weeks ago. The other dish we had for dinner on that night was the pandan chicken. This is also a must try. Pay this restaurant a visit if you authentic Thai dining. It is so Thai...

Kunthai Village is located @ MK-9-914 Jalan Permatang Tengah, 13000 Butterworth. Tel : 04-3327523, 012-4313537
Note: This place is airy and cooling. (The picture will show you fans mounted on the beams.) You can dress in shorts and Ts BUT.....there are lots of mosquitoes. Maybe you can bring your own mosquito coils or use insect repellants. The price, it reasonable with 5% Government Tax. Enjoy and happy dining. :o)

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