July 2, 2010

Penang Fried Koay Teow....No.1

This is the stall we would frequent if we have that craving for Char Kuay Teow. The kuay teow (flat rice noodles) is so smooth and soft. Of all the 'char koay teow' (fried kuay teow) in Penang that I've tasted, I still give this the thumbs up. Individually fried and the prawns are fresh and look at the size, big that is. In Penang, the "Sisters' Char Koay Teow" has been featured in travel guides but I still say, this is by far the best. Now, if you are wondering where it is, it is in Air Itam, and the kopi tiam (coffee shop) is situated next to Jalan 4. Name of coffee shop is Lasia. Penangites and Malaysians, you would know this food. For all those who don't, well, it is fried rice noodles. Rice noodles that are flat and cut in strips. It is fried in lard and prawns, cockles, chives and bean sprouts are added. Chilli is also added in the frying. It will always taste better if it is fried individually. It means, one order by one order and not fried in a whole lump and then scooped onto individual plates. You can opt not to have the cockles etc...whatever you desire on your plate. Of course, the 'koay teow' and bean sprouts, they've got to be there. Oh, eggs are also added (optional) and if you want more flavour, ask for duck egg to be added. Just one would suffice. Pay this kopi tiam a visit and taste the koay teow for yourself.
Enjoy :o)


kenwooi said...

looks simple.. but surely delicious =)

joo gyee said...

I agree..this is the one stall that our family prefer among all d char koay teow stalls in Penang, yummy yummy..

Bubbles...ooo said...

Hi JG, Very few people know that this CKT is good. Most go for d Sisters'! They don't know what they are missing!:o)