June 17, 2010

"Kopi-Kau"....this is the way I like it..

Cintra Street in Penang is one of the streets I will go.....for food! Yes. There are many shops selling food, all kinds. Biscuit shops, Chinese desserts, home cooked meals, etc. There is one particular 'thing' (alright, not just one) that I will take a drive all the way from home to this 'kopi tiam' (coffee-shop), Sin Sum Vood. My glass of 'kopi-kau peng. Translated as thick local coffee with milk and ice. Hubby likes his hot..... I like mine cold with ice. Hot or cold, the rich local coffee aroma is there. The owner of this 'kopi tiam' makes the coffee personally. Is it the personal touch, the ground coffee or the evaporated milk used? I would like to say all of the mentioned. How he makes this coffee is akin to how the mamak 'tarik' their teh. Generous amount of coffee and evaporated milk used is what makes the coffee deliciously aromatic. Whilst you are at Sim Sun Vood, you might like to try auntie's Yee Sang Kai Chok (fish & chicken porridge). This stall is quite well known. Both hubby and I were going to have our dinner so we have only auntie's 'pak cham kai pei' (steamed chicken drumstick). Oh my, you will definitely enjoy the taste of the chicken. Tender, smooth, juicy, sweet, aromatic.....etc. etc. Next door to Sim Sun Vood is a restaurant Sin Yoon Kee Seafood Restaurant. It states seafood but I can't write anything about the seafood as I've not tasted any. Oh yah, only the deep fried fish. You can order your dishes from Sin Yoon Kee over to Sim Sun Vood. The food Sin Yoon Kee offer? I would say nothing spectacular. I mean normal dishes like stir fried kai lan, stir fried tau geh, etc...etc. Just dishes you would find in any other restaurant. Their signature deepfried toufoo is the only thing I liked fhere. Prices are reasonable. Do not expect too much from Sin Yoon Kee. It is an old restaurant with the upstairs section air conditioned. The cleanliness, just a bearable condition is what I would say.....that is if you are not a yuppie.
Run along......to Cintra Street, to Sim Sum Vood. You can have porridge; you can have rice and dishes or like me......a nice glass of iced kopi kau. By the way, you won't miss the person who makes the coffee. He is the guy with a short pony tail. Have a nice time. Sim Sum Vood, 37 Cintra Stret, Penang.:o)

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