May 9, 2010

Celebrating Mother's Day....

We had dinner at Maple Palace Restaurant to celebrate Mother's Day. The place was packed, believe it or not. Oh my, the din as you walked into the restaurant. Welcome to Chinese dining! We have six adults, one teen and one very young one seated at our table. Our first course was the Heong Sow Gap (Fragrant grilled goose). For once, it wasn't the sharks fin soup as what is usually ordered for any Chinese course dinner. The grilled goose was shredded into thin strips. You make your own rolls with the paper thin pancake provided. I kinda like the thim cheong (sweet sauce) that has to be spread on the pancake. The shredded duck next and on top of it you put sliced cucumber and spring onions. My roll wasn't a roll. I had too much duck meat. Mom-in-law made the best roll amongst all of us. Shame on all of us. The taste of the roll was great. The duck was aromatic and tender. Never mind the shape of the rolls, the taste was what matters. All at the table agreed. I think the pancake slices provided was too little. Only 1 had seconds. The rest......make do with putting duck meat and sliced cucumbers together with spring onions straight into the mouth. I think the Management should consider serving more of the crepe. We asked for seconds but NO MORE SUPPLIES! Our next dish was the Braised abalone with brocolli. Wow, a whole piece of abalone. Nevermind the cholesterol level. The abalone looked too delicious to give it a pass. This serving is real dainty. I thought we could do with a little more of the sea cucumber and broccoli. I know the abalone is out of the question. Everyone ate that piece of abalone with glee. Broccoli and the sea cucumber.....ah well, with standard is what I would say

Steam fish is next. Nothing to shout about. Normal steamed fish in soy sauce. The only thing I could say about this dish is the fish is fresh and not over cooked. Normal or not, it was eaten, every morsel of it.
I liked the next dish, steamed white cabbage with dried scallop. Mom-in-law thought it would have been better had fresh scallops been used. She didn't like the 'smell' the dried scallop gives off. I thought it was nicely done with the 'fatt choy' (black moss) used in abundance. It was superbly seasoned and very tasty. The white cabbage wasn't mushy.
Feast like a King......lobster noodle! The next dish surprised me. I've never seen lobster served this way. Always thought lobster as in Lobster Thermidor. I didn't attack the lobster like the rest at the table did. I went for the noodles. I'm no lobster person. The noodles are out of this world as I ate each mouthful. Free from the taste of alkaline water is what I liked about the noodles. They are egg noodles and weight gain or not, I had two bowls of the noodles. This whole dish is simply awesome. Lots of substance and oomph was how hubby described it. If the lobster shells can be eaten, I'm pretty sure it would have disappeared from the table!
Lotus paste pancake with peanut soup (gruel) or 'fah sang woo' ended the night's dinner. Of all time, my batteries went dead. Sorry, no pictures taken. The fah sang woo wasn't too bad. I've tasted better ones. I think it was a bit liquid but brother-in-law insisted that it was yummy. The lotus paste pancake was cut into too small a piece for me to make any comments. I didn't taste anything except....yeah, it was crispy. I was a little bit under the weather regrets going for this dinner! HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY TO ALL MOTHERS..:o)

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jfook said...

Wow nice food. Happy Mother's Day!