April 24, 2010

Old House Cafe....in Penang

Old House Cafe is another restaurant that serves Chinese Cuisine. If you had read the article by Ms. Helen Ong (The Star) then you would remember Mr. Tan of Bee Chin Heong. This is his restaurant. Home cooked fare is what is served here. Beautiful exterior and interior decor is what this Restaurant boasts. Of course, I'm not forgetting the food served here.

These tables and chairs are for sale. So if you take a fancy to them you can actually buy them.

The food served here is similar to other Chinese Restaurants that I've visited.
Here you can see fried pomfret served in tau yew (soy sauce). The way the fish dish is charged is quite unique. It is rm10 per person. So if there are two of you, you will be charged rm20 for the fish. 3 persons will mean rm30 for a dish.

This is the dish that I visit this restaurant for. The 'too kar chor' (pig's trotter in sweet vinegar). I don't think there is anywhere else in Penang that you can find this dish. The pig's trotters are nicely stewed, very tender. They flake off the bones easily but still have the juice in the meat. My..., Mr. Tan sure do use a good type of sweet vinegar. If you think your confinement lady cooks this 'too kar chor' good, try Old House Cafe's. You won't be disappointed.
Vege Fried Bean Curd. Not bad, worth trying.

Fried Onion Egg. That's what it is called here. Normal is how I would describe this dish.
The Kai Lan was fried just right. It is cooked but still with that crunchy bite. Just the way I like my Kai Lan done. Old House cafe has quite an extensive menu. You can even get Bak Chang, Chai Kueh, etc.
You can find Old House Cafe here at: no.145-153 Kimberley Street. 10100 Penang. Tel: 04-2622113
**No Govt & Serv charges

April 4, 2010

Yet another.....@ The Sun, Penang

Another new place to eat....@ the Sun. That's the name of this new restaurant. As you step out of your car you see the statue of Sun Yat Sen right in front of the mansion.

The restaurant is by the side and you get this nice warm welcome feeling as you take a walk into the restaurant.

Inside, the restaurant is very tastefully done up. Chairs covered up in shades of green and beige. The drapes hanging down from the ceiling gives the whole place a cozy feeling. I'm talking about the Spring Chamber Restaurant. There are many sections inside this particular place.

Our welcome drink as we sat waiting for our food. It is a sweet punch.

For starters, you can chose between the soup of the day or an appetizer. Hubby had the appetizer but I went for the soup. The soup of the day was cream of mushroom soup. Oh, you will never get enough of the soup. It is rich, creamy and full of mushrooms. Very well prepared kind of soup. The tempura fried prawns appetizer was just as good. A reason why no picture was taken. Hubby finished them even before my camera was ready.

Both hubby and me decided to have the Set Dinner and we chose the Grilled Lamb Loin in black pepper served with mashed potato. I don't particularly like my potato mashed so I asked for it to be replaced with potato wedges. It was allowed. For the price of rm38 nett, I have to agree that the portion served was sizeable. The taste of the lamb, good and very well marinated. It was well grilled and even the fats smelled good. The lamb is tender and juicy despite it being well-done.Chocolate brownies cake was on the menu for dessert. Since hubby loved the Black Forest cake (he had been here before), the waiter obliged by serving him the Black Forest cake. I decided to go for the brownies for variety. Both were good but the Black Forest was.....simply awesome. One small slice wasn't enough and we had an extra order of the Black Forest. (picture shows our extra order of the cake). The one thing I have to say of the cake is, at rm13.20 per slice (that size) I think it is a tad expensive. Well, if you have it all in the set then it is worth the price you pay. The whole Set Dinner that is.

Coffee was served with the dessert. Now this is what I call good coffee. Thick and aromatic unlike some restaurants which serve coffee that comes in a very diluted form.
Picture here shows the Summer Court and it is an Outdoor cafe. There is an Autumn Lounge here too.

These hang on the doors of the toilets. What great ideas!

@The Sun
Sun YatSen Centre, 65 Macalister Road, Penang.
Tuesday-Sunday (from 10:00 am). Closed on Monday & Public Holidays
Tel: 2265181/012-4511710 (Mr. Ooi) **No Govt & Serv Charges

*Senior citizens (above 55 yrs) enjoy a 20% discount.