September 16, 2010

JenzDan Lifestyle - Vegetarian food

You think you have had too much meat in your diet? Fancy some vegetarian food? Vegetarian food to me is akin to those I buy from the stalls during the Kew Ong Yeh (Nine Emperors') festival or vegetarian restaurants found around Penang. Vegetarian food can be boring at times. It has always been such for me and my family till we paid Cafe JenxDan Lifestyle a visit. This is a vegetarian restaurant that serves vegetarian food with a difference...big difference! You can never imagine what creativity does to the food.
Try the home made pumpkin soup. It is normal but in a vegetarian restaurant, this is something different.

Creamy mushroom pasta, now this is fantastic. Maybe it is because I never expected to find this dish here. This is one good vegetarian fare. Lots of mushroom and rich with cream.

Both of us loved this Pasta Bolognese. You will be deceived by this non-meat fare. It tastes just like the normal Bolognese without the meat. Even hubby who is a meat person loved this dish.
We ordered this as an extra, the omelette with toast. Well, since we are having all vegetarian hubby was worried we will be hungry too soon. The toast is organic and I loved both the bread and the salad. The omelette was so-so for me.
Whilst you are there you might want to try their Roselle juice. I find this drink refreshing. A sweet and sour taste when you drink it. It tastes better than having sui poey. (sour plum) Have some vegetarian food for a change. Enjoy :o)
JenxDan Lifestyle located @
21 Jalan Chow Thye, Georgetown (10050) (at /off Jalan Burma behind Malaysian Buddhism Association) Tel :04-2268414
**Frozen vegetarian supply and organic items are sold here.

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