February 28, 2010

Badam Milk....for energy !!

We have been to Restaurant Kapitan before many times for their popular dish the 'Ayam Nasi Bryani. I noticed something new tonight. The energy booster drink stall. I was so enthralled by this new drink I totally forgot about taking any pictures for the food we came for.....the chicken bryani rice.
This is the Badam Milk stall. Believe it or not, I thought Badam is some fancy name given to the milk until I checked it out. Badam is almond in the Indian language. It is Almond Milk! How silly. I was coaxed by this young man here in the picture to give the milk a try. Yes, I was quite apprehensive. This is something new to me. He gestured with his hands showing me strong and kept saying 'bagus' (meaning good) and 'try'. I thought I'd give it a shot. It has to be good. I could see he was busy serving the in-customers and there were some waiting for their take-away.
I ordered a glass. It is actually hot, sweet milk. It isn't just plain sweet milk. It is actually made up of cashew nuts, raisins and if I'm not mistaken, there are grapes too because I chewed on one. Ground almonds and saffron strands are also added in the making of this milk. Almond milk is an energy giving drink and provides you with Vitamin E. I think the protein in the almond is the reason why it is an energy booster drink here. I quite liked the drink, an acquired taste I would like to say. I do not have a sweet tooth and was lucky in a way when I told the boy I don't want the syrup which he was about to add to the drink. It really is very sweet on its own. I am not sure if this drink is served in other restaurants but having it cooked there and then, I think Restaurant Kapitan is the only place you can find it. Drop by if you fancy a glass or need some energy. :o)
Restaurant Kapitan
Lorong Pitt (opp King Street)

February 23, 2010

Nasi Kandar Beratur...memang beratur!

Been here? Actually hubby has mentioned this place to me a few years back. We've passed by but due to the time the shop open, we've never bothered. Finally, yes finally, we are here and in 2 weeks, I visited this place twice. Welcome to Kedai Nasi Kandar Beratur. You might wonder why the name Beratur (to queue) and that will be until you are actually at the place. The first night hubby and me came by it was was around 9:30pm so......the two of us 'ber-duduk' (sat) and not 'beratur' (queue). As 10:00pm neared, you can see cars stopping by and people started to trickle in and the queue started. This shop actually operates in two sessions; morning and evening. It is this 10:00 pm one that is popular.
Ayam Ros. This is a must try. It is chicken in curry and found in almost all nasi kandar places. It is how this curry is prepared that makes the taste extraordinary. It isn't so darn spicy that it explodes all your taste buds.
Terung masak curry
Sotong. BB had this and he couldn't stop mumbling how he is going to rave to his friends about this sotong. I took a little of the curry and oh my......it was awesome. Something unlike the normal sotong curry. I thought it had a little salted fish taste in it and that makes it different.
On first bite I thought the fried chicken was a bit dry. Then after a few more bites I realised that the chicken is fresh and just fried. It doesn't have oil dripping from the meat unlike many other stalls. Good to order this if you do not like spicy chicken.
The mutton kurma is another dish you can't leave out of your order unless of course, you do not like/eat mutton. The mutton is so tender it just flakes off the bones or like hubby's way of describing it......it melts in the mouth. I said meat doesn't melt in the mouth. He said well, it is my way of saying it is soooo tender and juicy. We ordered their kacang bendi (ladies fingers) and fried cabbage too. They are just as good. In fact every dish that hubby ordered is wonderfully sedap (delicious). Of course, there are many more like the beef rendang, fish curry, etc, etc. You got to try it to believe and agree with what I've written here. This is one nasi kandar kedai that have many recommendations including my family's. This 'kedai' is situated next to Mesjid Kapitan Keling, Pitt Street, PENANG. Drool and Enjoy!. :o)
** Be early to avoid the long queue.