January 6, 2010

TeoChew Moey found in Singapore

We walked over to Goodwood Park hotel to look for Christmas Log. Yes, a chocolate Christmas log which was recommended by hubby's friend. Little did we know that we'll stumble upon this Teochew moey (porridge). Goodwood Park hotel has this porridge buffet going on. They have quite an extensive array of dishes to eat with your porridge. We ordered what the Captain recommended and boy.....were we full after the meal? We had to give the buffet dessert a skip. We did manage to savor a slice of the chocolate Christmas which we came for in the first place. The log is good! Cake is soft, very moist and the chocolate used is rich and pure. No wonder it was recommended. If you are salivating for Teochew moey and you are in Singapore, head for the Goodwood Park hotel. This is a buffet that is value for money. (I mean not converting Malaysian to Singapore currency, that is.) Even the waitress told us that there is no other place that serves such a wide array of dishes and tasty ones.
Take a look at all the dishes here in the pictures and just to name a few;
Chicken fried with ginger and cashew nuts
Stir fried broccoli with garlic. Tofu with dried prawns in dark sauce.
Stir fried kai lan with oyster sauce. Egg with choy poh (preserved turnip).
Taiwanese sausages, etc...etc. We even have a medium sized fried pomfret.
Flower tea to go with your meal? That's what we had. This isn't complimentary.
The last bit here, Durian Christmas log. Apparently, this is very nice. The waitress who worked here told us so. This wasn't available at the dessert spread. It wasn't available in individual slices for sale either. Sad. Maybe if we do visit Singapore again, we will be sure not to miss this. :o)

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kenwooi said...

good-looking food!
how i wish i can have them now =)