January 7, 2010

Deliiiicious Kebab I tasted....Shiraz Mazzeh

This is Shiraz Mazzeh kebabs stall at Clarke Quay. I couldn't help telling hubby how delicious, how tasty, how juicy and how tender the meat tasted. This is one Kebab I'll recommend to anyone who loves eating kebab. Here you can find chicken, lamb or spicy lamb kebabs. It is served with salad and a choice of sauces; mayonnaise, chili sauce or yoghurt garlic. We had a mixture of either two of the sauces with our kebab in pita roll. You can also have it in pita pocket.
Dining alfresco style.
It was only later that I noticed a framed award standing on the counter. Shiraz Mazzeh has been awarded 'The Top 50 Restaurant Award in 2009'. No wonder the kebabs taste so wonderful! There is a restaurant further down from this stall. There is belly-dancing as entertainment for the diners. Sigh.....I knew only after finishing my kebab dining alfresco. We walked past the restaurant and found out a tad too late! Well, there is such thing as another time, no? :o)

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