January 14, 2010

Bubba Gump Restaurant.....

"Are you guys game for a new place to eat?" That was the question posed by BB as we walked towards the shopping mall. "Okay," was hubby's answer. "I don't know if the food is good because I have not been there myself." That was BB's next sentence. We both thought it would be a good idea to try a restaurant all three of us have not patronized before.
BB led us to Bubba Gump Restaurant. We entered the place through the side entrance that is situated inside the shopping mall of Sunway Pyramid.
The place is ohhhh......
very cowboy like. I think that is the best I could describe the interior as I took my seat.
We were seated in little stalls as I would like to call our seating place. It really is a place with a difference.
Menus were handed to us and since it is our first visit, we needed the waitress' recommendations.
Have some fun reading all the writings on the boards hanging above and some stuck on the wooden walls around. I mean whilst you wait for food to arrive.
Our appetizers the Bubba dip. The dip is made up of spinach, carrots, etc...etc....mixed with mayonnaise and herbs. Tortilla chips come with this dip. The taste is something different not that extraordinary is how the three of us would sum it.
The next appetizer is the Greenbow tenders. Fancy name but not the food. It is actually pieces of chicken breast marinated in spices (a little spicy) and deep fried. I would liken this to what we find at our local mamak stall. The deep fried chicken comes served wrapped in 'newspaper' and in a metal pail.
1st main course, The Captain fish N chips. The deep fried pieces of fish tasted just like any other normal ones you find. I must say the fish smelled a little too fishy for hubby and me. Other than that, no complains. The coleslaw is good and I like the way it is served....in newspaper like paper. Interesting.
This is called 'Of course we have scampi'. It is seafood linguine. Something ordered by BB. BB took a few mouthfuls and decided to trade it with daddy for his order.
Daddy ordered Bourbon Street Barramundi. When the Barramundi arrived it looked really delicious. The fish is deep fried and served in creamy sauce with prawns and lots of herbs. Again, the fish tasted too fishy. BB loved this though so it didn't go to waste.
Our drinks, 1 medal margarita, 1 mango sparkler and 1 run forest run. I think what we really enjoyed here are the drinks. The food, I would say it was nothing to shout about. It isn't bad but just ordinary. The only one commendable is the Bubba Dip. The service people here also deserve a pat on the back. They are very friendly.
Bubba Gump is an American franchise eatery. This outlet mentioned here, you can find it at:
Oasis Boulevard
Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall
Bandar Sunway
Tel: 03-56384559

January 12, 2010

Chin Bee Tea Restaurant...

"I'm taking you to a new place for dinner tonight." Aren't those wonderful words to a wife? Yeah, it was to mine. Hubby took me to Noordin Street tonight. 'Ji Tiau Lor' as what we Penangites call the road. The name of this little eatery, Chin Bee is the name. Chin Bee has been around for about 1 year plus. A restaurant co-owned by a husband, wife team and the chef. From the outside, all you see is a terrace house decorated with a Chinese looking roof. The inside of this place is done in simple decor. It is brightly lit and good as it enables you to do some reading (remember to bring some reading material) whilst waiting for your food.
Chin Bee is a Tea house with different types of tea available. Hubby ordered the Ti Kuan Yin. Something light and fragrant. We couldn't order much tonight as there are only the two of us and I wasn't particularly hungry.
Hubby wanted fish so the owner recommended the Clay pot fish (Sar Poh). I must admit this is one good recommendation. The way this clay pot fish is prepared is different. The slices of fish has been deep fried (in lard) before further cooking. There is some deep fried tofu, carrots, snow peas, shitake mushrooms, etc. Hubby described it better. He said oh my, this dish has got oomph! The gravy is so full of seasoning you wouldn't want to leave even a drop behind. Believe you me, I felt hungry suddenly. Heeheee. In the picture you can see a scoop of the clay pot fish.
If you like Hainan Chicken rice, you've got to try this dish. A plate of boiled chicken Hainan style. The chicken is cooked, tender and oozing with juice. The Chef's concoction of light soy sauce and
sesame seed oil that the chicken comes dribbled
with makes you want to order any plate and just eat it on its own.
Oh, the other thing. The chili dip. The infamous chili dip that comes with such kind of chicken. This place's chili dip is a must try. It isn't like most places where chili boh is used. Here, it is fresh chili pounded with garlic and ginger.
I never have any dinner without my vegetables. Hubby said I should try their asparagus since asparagus isn't particularly my favourite. He thought I'd change my mind after I eat these twigs as I like to refer asparagus as. Gees, they are good! The asparagus is young and the sambal they are fried in, I'd give this dish a 10. The sambal is fresh and so fragrant. The last bit, the prawns; yes medium sized prawns are used. We will be back for their specialty, the pork ribs plus others, of course! :o)
**Chin Bee is located at 124 Lebuh Noordin, Penang. Tel 04-2611761
Closed on Wednesdays

January 7, 2010

Deliiiicious Kebab I tasted....Shiraz Mazzeh

This is Shiraz Mazzeh kebabs stall at Clarke Quay. I couldn't help telling hubby how delicious, how tasty, how juicy and how tender the meat tasted. This is one Kebab I'll recommend to anyone who loves eating kebab. Here you can find chicken, lamb or spicy lamb kebabs. It is served with salad and a choice of sauces; mayonnaise, chili sauce or yoghurt garlic. We had a mixture of either two of the sauces with our kebab in pita roll. You can also have it in pita pocket.
Dining alfresco style.
It was only later that I noticed a framed award standing on the counter. Shiraz Mazzeh has been awarded 'The Top 50 Restaurant Award in 2009'. No wonder the kebabs taste so wonderful! There is a restaurant further down from this stall. There is belly-dancing as entertainment for the diners. Sigh.....I knew only after finishing my kebab dining alfresco. We walked past the restaurant and found out a tad too late! Well, there is such thing as another time, no? :o)

January 6, 2010

TeoChew Moey found in Singapore

We walked over to Goodwood Park hotel to look for Christmas Log. Yes, a chocolate Christmas log which was recommended by hubby's friend. Little did we know that we'll stumble upon this Teochew moey (porridge). Goodwood Park hotel has this porridge buffet going on. They have quite an extensive array of dishes to eat with your porridge. We ordered what the Captain recommended and boy.....were we full after the meal? We had to give the buffet dessert a skip. We did manage to savor a slice of the chocolate Christmas which we came for in the first place. The log is good! Cake is soft, very moist and the chocolate used is rich and pure. No wonder it was recommended. If you are salivating for Teochew moey and you are in Singapore, head for the Goodwood Park hotel. This is a buffet that is value for money. (I mean not converting Malaysian to Singapore currency, that is.) Even the waitress told us that there is no other place that serves such a wide array of dishes and tasty ones.
Take a look at all the dishes here in the pictures and just to name a few;
Chicken fried with ginger and cashew nuts
Stir fried broccoli with garlic. Tofu with dried prawns in dark sauce.
Stir fried kai lan with oyster sauce. Egg with choy poh (preserved turnip).
Taiwanese sausages, etc...etc. We even have a medium sized fried pomfret.
Flower tea to go with your meal? That's what we had. This isn't complimentary.
The last bit here, Durian Christmas log. Apparently, this is very nice. The waitress who worked here told us so. This wasn't available at the dessert spread. It wasn't available in individual slices for sale either. Sad. Maybe if we do visit Singapore again, we will be sure not to miss this. :o)