December 13, 2010

One Wantan Mee stall....

I took a mouthful, chewed and swallowed. Oh my, I have to post this on my blog. This is the reason this picture was taken with the 'eaten' look. I don't know how you like your mee but I like it in thin strands. Some are a bit thicker. Not only is the mee in thinner strands but it also tasted fragrant. There is no after taste of alkaline water and this is what I really like about the mee. The Ah cheh (sister) told me it is home made. The gravy of the mee is light and tasty with a tinge of sesame oil. The dark soy sauce doesn't taste smoky. I was told that this stall was formerly situated at/near the Caltex station. They have since acquired their own kopi tiam.Ah Koh (brother) preparing the wantan mee. Something he has been doing for over 20 years (could be 40), I can't recall as I was too eager to eat!
Order an extra bowl of wantan. The wantan aren't teeny weeny with no meat inside the skin. There is actually a meat ball inside the wantan unlike those you get from other stalls.You can find this delicious almost Hong Kong style wantan mee at Kafe Tong Sheng. Location: Jalan Dato Koyah, Penang. (Opp Lim Clinic)

October 14, 2010

That Little Wine Bar...

Have you ever been to a restaurant and come out thinking you've been overcharged? Well, join me That Little Wine Bar. I have nothing good to write about this red snapper (RM28) dish. Both of us felt that the dish was tasteless. 3 small pieces of snapper served with gravy that was too liquid. The fish was 'swimming' in the liquid.hroom Quiche was so-so and it was nothing to shout about. I thought the pastry was a bit soggy. Paying RM28 for such a small piece really isn't worth it.
The 3 Salmon Tartare (RM35) tasted quite alright. The salmon pieces were fresh and you get enough herbs in it. For the price we paid, the piece was a tad small. French Onion soup (RM22) wasn't delectable either. The stock was too liquid and not tasty. Hoever, we were consoled by the pieces of cheese on toast that came with the soup. We thought the whole meal would be a disaster but it didn't turn out so. The Cheese cake was good. Rich and light.....good to the last bite. At RM10 per piece, this is the only thing I'd recommend here. The service is good. I am no connoisseur of French cuisine but I think the food quality and portion needs improvement. We weren't the only ones who came out of the restaurant disappointed. We had a friend who gave us this answer when asked about the food served at this restaurant. "Sorry, I can't say much as the food served was too little for me to even taste!"
Location: That Little Wine Bar @54 Jalan Chow Thye, 10050 Georgetown, Penang.:o(
10% Service and 5% Government Tax

September 16, 2010

JenzDan Lifestyle - Vegetarian food

You think you have had too much meat in your diet? Fancy some vegetarian food? Vegetarian food to me is akin to those I buy from the stalls during the Kew Ong Yeh (Nine Emperors') festival or vegetarian restaurants found around Penang. Vegetarian food can be boring at times. It has always been such for me and my family till we paid Cafe JenxDan Lifestyle a visit. This is a vegetarian restaurant that serves vegetarian food with a difference...big difference! You can never imagine what creativity does to the food.
Try the home made pumpkin soup. It is normal but in a vegetarian restaurant, this is something different.

Creamy mushroom pasta, now this is fantastic. Maybe it is because I never expected to find this dish here. This is one good vegetarian fare. Lots of mushroom and rich with cream.

Both of us loved this Pasta Bolognese. You will be deceived by this non-meat fare. It tastes just like the normal Bolognese without the meat. Even hubby who is a meat person loved this dish.
We ordered this as an extra, the omelette with toast. Well, since we are having all vegetarian hubby was worried we will be hungry too soon. The toast is organic and I loved both the bread and the salad. The omelette was so-so for me.
Whilst you are there you might want to try their Roselle juice. I find this drink refreshing. A sweet and sour taste when you drink it. It tastes better than having sui poey. (sour plum) Have some vegetarian food for a change. Enjoy :o)
JenxDan Lifestyle located @
21 Jalan Chow Thye, Georgetown (10050) (at /off Jalan Burma behind Malaysian Buddhism Association) Tel :04-2268414
**Frozen vegetarian supply and organic items are sold here.

September 8, 2010

Chettiar cuisine....Karaikudi Restaurant

The Chettiars are Hindus predominantly originating in the Chetinnad region of Tamil Nadu. In the 19th Century Chettiars migrated to countries throughout South East Asia. There are both Tamil speaking and Telugu speaking Chettiars. They are very famous for their artistic houses and tasty cuisine. (source from Alright, I admit I didn't anything or rather there is such a thing as Chettiar cuisine till my visit here to Karaikudi. I read about it here in the poster hung on the wall. So now you know chettiars are not only known 'for' money but food as well Indian food that is.Karaikudi Restaurant is air-conditioned and clean. Brightly lit though not in every corner. I love the plaster ceiling. The tables and chairs are very simple and the important thing, comfortable.The menu here is very extensive. In fact there were too many to choose from we decided to settle for the normal (I mean what is known to us). On hubby's insistence both BB and I agreed to try a different kind of vegetable instead of the normal cabbage fried with tumeric. Hubby ordered the palak paneer (rm9.50). I didn't like what I saw when it arrived. This dish is made of spinach, paneer cheese in curry sauce. Of course I didn't know what the dish was all about till I got home and googled it. To me it looks gooey but the taste took me by surprise. It didn't taste as bad as it looked. BB made no comments but hubby didn't like it at all. It is spinach with cheese but I didn't taste spinach at all except it being a bit spicy and cheesy.
The tandoori chicken (rm11) is good as it is well seasoned. We had a double order as BB preferred to have a whole lot to himself. The one thing I noticed is the chicken is fresh and not dry as in grilled or cooked more than once.
You can find many different types of naan here. On the waiter's recommendation we decided to try the cheese naan (rm6). Oh my, it is so Western. All of us agreed. Take a bite into the naan, taste and are eating pizza Indian style. You got to try this naan. The taste is really something, it is good! All 3 of us really enjoyed eating the cheese naan with the tandoori chicken dribbled with a little curry. Awesome.
The onion naan (rm6) is good too. I think it is the way the naan is made. Unlike some other restaurants where the naan is rubbery and you need real strong teeth to take a bite, Karaikudi's naan are different. They are crispy but not dry and the onions were not overdone. You can still get the onion taste and smell as you chewed into a piece.
The Mutton Briyani (rm11.50) ...This is a must have at this restaurant. The mutton briyani is really out of this world and I would say full of oomph! The rice is grainy but cooked and full of flavour with the different kind of herbs and spices. The mutton is oh so tender and just flakes off the bone. The meat is so full of it's simply delicious. Do not be deceived by the little container it is served in. It is packed tight and filled to the brim. So do be careful that when you take a scoop at it. You really do not want to waste such good food by feeding the table. Yupz, that was the mistake I made. I think the aroma of it made me act silly diving my spoon so quickly into the 'nasi'.The amount of mutton found at the bottom of the briyani is a lot for the price you pay. Many pieces to be shared by two. Of course if you are a big eater then one bowl will be just fine. For hubby and me, we shared an order as we have the chicken and the naan to add on. If you like chicken like we do then I would say you do not give Karaikudi's Chicken Roast (rm9.50) a miss. The chicken is wholesome in taste and flavour. It is one good chicken roast you will not regret eating. Squeeze the lemon over the chicken and eat it with the onions that come with it and enjoy the full flavour. Oh dear, I'm salivating writing about this chicken roast.
When you are about to finish your meal, place your order for this dessert.... Sizzling Brownie. Did the 3 of us enjoy our meal? Yes, we enjoyed it tremendously and the meal was wonderful but we are not about to leave till the last one. Dessert!
I have not come across this dessert called the Sizzling Brownie (rm10) and was told by the waiter (I think he is the Manager) that this is the speciality of Karaikudi. Remember to order as you are about to finish your meal as the preparation time takes a while.
Sizzling Brownie is brownie served on a hot plate with ice-cream on top. The brownie is very rich and moist not from the ice cream but in itself. A different way of eating brownie and it is simply delicious and something extra ordinary. When you are eating it do be careful of the hot plate as it is really hot. Also, eat fast not that the ice cream will melt (obviously it will) but because the brownie will burn and it will be a waste to eat burnt brownie when it is moist and soft. Have a hearty meal!
Karaikudi Restaurant located @ No: 20 Market Street, Penang
Tel : 04-2631359/04-2631345 **5% Service charge.

September 1, 2010

Eating at 3am..

3 am in the morning and you are feeling hungry? Do not fancy cheese on toast, bread and butter or jam? Take a drive around town! Yupz, which was what hubby and I did. Aren't we lucky to be living in a country where food is found almost anywhere, everywhere and any hour? Our drive was smooth because there were hardly any cars. Most would be in slumber land now except for us two the night owls or early birds in this instant. We passed by many 'nasi kandar' shops but decided this time we will have something 'cheng-cheng' (not too oily). We arrived at TownView Seafood Cafe. Townview is actually a seafood restaurant but from 12 midnight onwards porridge is served. You can have either sweet potato porridge or just plain porridge.Just take a look at the array of dishes available here. Plain fried eggs, eggs fried with preserved turnips, steamed pork with preserved vegetables (choy poh), plain fried fish, fried fish in dark soy sauce, curry chicken, fried chicken, Chinese sausages, tau yew bak (pork in soy sauce), so many different kinds of vegetables, etc..... gosh, just making a choice on what to order was difficult. We were so spoilt for choice. Fried egg plant with tau cheong (fermented beans) and fried pomfret in dark soy sauce. The fried egg plant was good but not the fish. It was simply too sweet for the two of us.The 'mui choy' (also preserved vegetable) is very delicious with porridge. We had two portions of it. Egg with 'choy poh' and pork steamed with 'tong chai'. Everything tastes good early in the morning!We thought we were late or early.....? There were still people walking in as we prepared to leave. If you are a night owl like us or early bird, feeling is where you go.:o)
11 Jalan Macalister, 10400 Georgetwon, Penang
Tel: 04-2283645 (open till 5am)

August 23, 2010

One place so Thai...Khunthai Village

After many choices being ticked off from our lists of places to eat; hubby decided that this time we will take a drive to the mainland. We decided to go to Khunthai Village an eatery hubby patronized 2 weeks ago. Khunthai Village is actually located inside a residential area. Hubby said it will be a quick drive over from island to mainland but we had to make many turns as a turn was missed and yet he said.....Oh, no problem, easy to find!As I got out from the car and walked towards Khunthai I sort of regretted agreeing to have dinner here. The aluminum roof gave me the idea that this place will be hot with our hot days now. After being in the restaurant for a while I thought that the place is neat. It actually looks like a village and the place is huge, spacious with more than 50 tables (I think). There are different kinds of set ups. Long rectangle tables or round metal/plastic tables those you normally find in a kopitiam. The place is actually very airy and not hot with the atap roofs up above our heads and the many fans mounted on the beams. Enjoy the table whilst waiting for your food to arrive. I just love the tables and chairs.
We didn't have to wait long for food to arrive which was surprising as the place was quite full. This is for me a must-have - The Kangkong fried in flour. Everybody loved this dish as it was crunchy and tasty not bland and soft (the batter, I mean) like what some other Thai restaurants.This is the way the Thais eat their bean curd (toufu), deep-fried and served with a dip. This is a very different dip like what we normally get in Gurney Drive. There is sliced raw onions, sliced raw shallots, shredded mango, chili, anchovies all mixed in typical Thai sauce; sweet and sour. This is a must try as even mama loves it. We only had one choice on fish, steamed and steamed only. It couldn't be done any other way as that's how mama likes her fish. Oooo, I tell you the fish is so good. It oozes freshness and the way it is steamed; even the gravy was all slurped dry. Even the plain Japanese toufu tasted good with the sourish gravy.I am not a seafood person so the waiter told us we could ask for less prawns or maybe replace the prawns with calamari (more of it) for the Seafood tom yam hubby ordered. Never mind, I told hubby that we'll take the normal order. Just look at the Seafood tom yam. Does it look really hot and spicy? It came looking red with lots of fish fillet, prawns, calamari.... Looks can be deceiving as this is one tom yam that is just nice. Seriously, I've been to places where I think either the cook is a sadist or he misjudged his chili portion. You can feel smoke coming out of your ears eating it but not this place. All 4 of us enjoyed the tom yam with only me sweating a little. Even mama who is a 'not too spicy' person said the soup is simply delicious and done just right. Tasty, good, not too sour and not too ridiculously luak (spicy in hokkien). This is one tom yam that doesn't explode your taste buds. The 3 of us adults thought that this Spicy Mango (Thai) dish was a mistake order. Having the tomyam and this dish together was a 'too sour' feeling for mama and me. The mango used in this dish is really unripe and very sour. I think it is too Thai for us and also, there really is nothing special with just mango, the usual Thai sauce and anchovies. I love this dish, Fried egg with Thai vegetable. I couldn't make the waiter understand me. I wanted to know what this Thai vegetable is. What kind of vegetable was used? I gave up in the end and continued to enjoy the dish. We know Thais are well-known for their pineapple fried rice but what was served to us was a great disappointment. The rice was soggy and the fried rice taste of nothing but salt. It wasn't even fried, maybe just stirred in oil were mama's description of the fried rice. We didn't have any seafood as I'm not a seafood person and hubby just had lots of seafood 2 weeks ago. Hubby told mama and BB that the next time we visit this place we will make sure we come with more people as he recommends the chili crab and crab fried in salted eggs. He had these two dishes when he visited 2 weeks ago. The other dish we had for dinner on that night was the pandan chicken. This is also a must try. Pay this restaurant a visit if you authentic Thai dining. It is so Thai...

Kunthai Village is located @ MK-9-914 Jalan Permatang Tengah, 13000 Butterworth. Tel : 04-3327523, 012-4313537
Note: This place is airy and cooling. (The picture will show you fans mounted on the beams.) You can dress in shorts and Ts BUT.....there are lots of mosquitoes. Maybe you can bring your own mosquito coils or use insect repellants. The price, it reasonable with 5% Government Tax. Enjoy and happy dining. :o)

July 6, 2010

Down a deserted street....Teksen

Do not be deceived by this dark deserted street. Take a little walk further and you will see a lit signboard that says....Teksen Restaurant. Teksen has moved to this present premise, which is a big contrast from the old place. The old 'restaurant' was just an extended shack along a side lane. Teksen has been around for as long as I can remember. 15 years? BB used to call this place Bart Simpson restaurant. One of the brothers used to wear a tall Chef's hat and BB being very much younger likes Bart Simpson whose hair is quite similar to the hat. Right, it is a 'different Teksen (outlook only) but still the same deliiiicious dishes served. Teksen Restaurant sure is better now. The interior is simple and what I like best about this place is, it is brightly lit and clean.
Teksen Restaurant is usually packed so do bring something to read whilst waiting for food to be served. With the good lightings, you needn't have to worry about your eyesight. The dishes that are served here are reasonably priced and most important....fresh. Both of us arrived pretty late for dinner tonight. We didn't lose out much except the Stir Fry BBQ Pork in dark soy sauce. This is a must if you do visit Teksen Restaurant. We were recommended the following dishes:
Fried Fish Fillet in or tau yew (dark soy sauce). The fish is very fresh and I like the generous amount of soy sauce with ginger. Oh, for extra oomph I asked for chilli padi to be added. That made it extra fragrant. The dish of the day was the tau see mun phai kuat (stewed pork ribs with fermented black beans). The ribs were fried before it was stewed and that gives the meat extra fragrance and together with the fermented beans, it was simply delicious.The muah ewe (sesame oil) chicken tasted just like what mom used to cook. Rice wine is also another ingredient used in this dish. You can taste it and smell it. The only complaint both of us have is this, too much breast meat was used. It would have been better if only chicken drumsticks were used. Then, the meat would not taste dry.
The next dish was the stir fry kai lan. Just a simple fare stir fry with garlic. It was mouth watering just looking at it. I am a vegetable person so when it comes looking still green then it is...oohlala. I was not wrong as it was cooked but still crunchy and tasty. In fact, crunchy to the last piece and bite. Teksen serves what I would say simple but tasty everyday dishes, which you can find in most homes. I noticed that very little MSG is used and that makes this restaurant even better. Now, if you intend to visit this restaurant, do arrive early and make sure you finish eating before 9:30pm. Save all the talking for later as if you do not, you will find this irritating act. The staff clearing up and you see chairs on top of tables even before you finish your last mouthful. There were still two tables occupied (including us) but the staff has started to spray detergent next to the table we were seated. I find this act rather irksome.
Teksen Restaurant located at : 18 & 20 Carnavon Street, Penang. (It is along the same road as the Campbell Street Market (wet). Just a little after the t-junction. :o)