December 7, 2009

Four Seasons Restaurant - their new dishes

We found ourselves at Four Seasons Restaurant again for dinner. We were recommended some new dishes. We'll take the new ones was what hubby suggested, for a change. I write a little on this Restaurant. I know it has been featured in the local daily before.
Isn't it wonderful what restaurateur do today as an attraction? Toasted groundnuts/peanuts used to be served but today there are many varieties. Here at Four Seasons, we were served this little plate of Achar (picture above). This is a dish made of pickled vegetables and hot, spicy chili sauce with ground peanuts.
Next a bowl of Water Crest soup is served. These two are complimen-tary. Then comes all the dishes we ordered for our dinner.
Deep Fried Black Pomfret with Chef's Special Sauce. The sauce is sweet, sour and chili spicy. The sauce is somewhat like what the Thai chili sauce is. The fish, it is very fresh and well fried. You can even eat the fins and tail is all I can say. Nothing really 'new' about this dish.

Braised Pork Ribs. This dish is different from what we've eaten before. It is braised with preserved vegetables (mui choy) and peanuts. Very tasty and the ribs are so tender you can just flake it off the bones.
Here in this picture you can see the 'mui choy' and and peanuts.
This is a must try. The Mocha spare ribs. It is very well seasoned and nicely grilled.
The special cod fish barbequed with honey. It is served with salad cream something which we thought we could do without. The fish is fresh and taste quite alright. I didn't like the red color. I thought cod fish looks better when they are white.
My all time favorite. The Runner Beans (French beans) fried in sambal dried prawns. You will love the fresh vege bite feeling as you chew on the beans. The dried prawns sambal (chili paste) adds on the extra goodness of this dish.
For extra bites, we ordered the Chim Choe rolls (crab meat). There is something different about these rolls. The texture and the filling. Good!
Four Seasons actually served nice food with reasonable price. The one thing I can't stomach is the male 'tow kay' (boss as what we Malaysians refer to the person who runs the place). He has an attitude problem. Urghhh.... I visit only because I enjoy the food. Four Seasons is here...80-U Jalan Trengganu, Penang. Tel: 04-2818193. They are closed on Monday.
A note of closes at 10:00pm. From my many experiences, it is best to be there the latest 9:00pm even though they tell you the last order is at 9:30pm. You won't get peace eating because the waiter and waitresses will be in a rush to go off. Also, you won't get that free plate of fruits. me cheap but if it is free...why not, right? Happy dining! :o)


Mr.Clive said...

do they have frogs there?ooo,looks really yummy though.reli yummy!

Rengam Boy said...

Penang occupies a special part of my memories. I like this place, it brings back many memories. Got to check Air Asia, see when is the next ticket sales to Penang. Good recommendation. Now,I am mentally eating all these foods now. said...

Mr Clive, do you mean frogs legs? Oh Yes. I think this dish appears on the menu of most Chinese Rest. Yeps, the dishes here are yummy alright.

RB, You'd better book your tickets asap. Penang is 'swarmed' with alien cars in the evening. Reminder, it is the year-end hols for the school children now.

Nikel Khor said...

four season dish not bad all the time...

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