November 7, 2009

Apom Manis of Penang

Meet Mister Tan, my family's favorite Apom Manis (sweet pancake) seller. There aren't many stalls selling these apom manis at night. Besides this stall, there is another one at New Lane (Lebuh Baru). Do you know that these two sellers are brothers?
I still like to come here and get my apom manis. Ah Tan makes very nice ones. His pandan (screw pine) flavored ones are best is how I would describe them. (See the picture above) Ah Tan uses real pandan juice which he pounds and squeezes. He showed me a bottle full of the juice. Also, the batter isn't too liquid so the pancakes made aren't thin.
Picture here shows apom with grated coconut cooked in brown sugar and also apom with sliced bananas.
If you are craving for them, you can find Ah Tan along Chulia Street. If you come up from the direction of Mesjid Kapitan Kling, Ah Tan's stall is on the left amongst the many hawker stalls. You can't miss him. You will normally see a lot of customers standing and waiting. Enjoy! :o)


kenwooi said...

it's good..
tried it when i was in penang recently =) said...

Yes Ken, think this is about the only stall that sells good apom manis at NIGHT.:o)

princess.dHani said...

click ur storm :) said...

Princess, TQVM.