October 21, 2009

Lovely Cendol found in Penang

My dinner at Maple Palace Restaurant (refer to my earlier post) wasn't complete in a sense where I'm concerned. I missed having my bowl of dessert - Cendol. This used to be on the dessert menu of the old restaurant Maple Gold. From Mary I found out where the cendol was sourced. Where? Here is the supplier.
This is the stall. The cendol is so springy and the santan (coconut milk) is so fresh. The brown sugar that comes with it...... so fragrant and rich.

Here is my bowl of cendol. For my readers who aren't familiar with this dessert. Cendol is made from green pea flour. Those green coloured strands in the bowl. They are served with santan (coconut milk in our local language) and thick brown sugar syrup together with shaved ice. Mostly eaten cold.
Stall is located at Gat Lebuh Presgrave. It is known as 'Sar Tiau Lor' to Penangites. You can get your bowl of cendol, ice kacang even at night. :o)


kenwooi said...

but i think i prefer the one at penang road =)


Bubbles...ooo said...

Individual taste n preference, no? I go for the consistency of the green thingy...the springiness is what I call it. :O)

chris_lim said...

Heya, dropping by from gelugor, penang. Nice food blog u hv here.

foongpc said...

I love cendol! Yummy! : )