October 21, 2009

Lovely Cendol found in Penang

My dinner at Maple Palace Restaurant (refer to my earlier post) wasn't complete in a sense where I'm concerned. I missed having my bowl of dessert - Cendol. This used to be on the dessert menu of the old restaurant Maple Gold. From Mary I found out where the cendol was sourced. Where? Here is the supplier.
This is the stall. The cendol is so springy and the santan (coconut milk) is so fresh. The brown sugar that comes with it...... so fragrant and rich.

Here is my bowl of cendol. For my readers who aren't familiar with this dessert. Cendol is made from green pea flour. Those green coloured strands in the bowl. They are served with santan (coconut milk in our local language) and thick brown sugar syrup together with shaved ice. Mostly eaten cold.
Stall is located at Gat Lebuh Presgrave. It is known as 'Sar Tiau Lor' to Penangites. You can get your bowl of cendol, ice kacang even at night. :o)

October 19, 2009

Maple Palace Restaurant....

A new place to eat in Penang! Maple Palace is where Maple Gold Restaurant used to be. Now under a new manage- ment and attractively refurbished. As I walked into this 3 week old Chinese restaurant I can't help saying this...Wow! The beige color paint and pink upholstery made the place looked bright and spacious. This is my first time here I mean the new Maple Palace Restaurant but 2nd for hubby. He told me the food is good and that I should try.
There's only the 2 of us so it is this much that we could order.
Sweet Mary recom-mended this dish Steamed Cod fish with Dou su Sauce. This is something new for the two of us. Not the steam fish but the Dou su sauce. I wanted to have a look at the dou su (a kind of nut) but the whole nut wasn't available. Everything has been ground up. The fish is fresh and I mean fresh! The sauce, something different. Crunchy, fragrantly fried and it has this sweet taste.
Next we were recom-mended
the Braised Pork ribs with yam, Thai style. The pork ribs are so tender it just flakes off the bones. The yam and mushrooms stewed with the ribs was alright but not the dried prawns. The dried prawns 'covered' whatever taste there is in this dish.
As usual, vegetables have to be on the table. We had the stir-fry Khai lan with garlic. Boy.....do I love these? They are so crunchy you could say it isn't cook but NO, they are fried to perfection.
On Mary's recommendation we decided to try the Home made spring rolls (choon piah). No regrets having to stuff this little bit of extra into the stomach. This is deicious. The skin of the spring roll is crispy as crispy can be and tasty. The stuffing is cooked just right. No more words to say except.....try this when you do visit. Maple Palace is here: Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah, Penang
(used to be Maple Gold Recreational Club) Tel: 604-2279690 / 2274542
**10% Service Charge