September 30, 2009

MAA ROY Thai Restaurant......

What shall we have for dinner tonight? Western, Indian, Asian.....? We finally settled on this restaurant. Maa Roy a Thai restaurant. Brother-in-law has been there and (if I'm not mistaken) said we should give it a shot after our recent stint at Chok Dee. Here we are for dinner.
We were served fresh cucumber and long beans together with Thai chili (some sort of sambal) as appetizers. The 'sambal' was great. Our dishes arrived shortly. Deep fried Kangkong, Tom yam, Secret Pork and Otak otak.
This is the Secret Pork. How secret is it? Well, it actually is nothing more than slices of pork marinated in lots of Thai spices and some herbs. It is then deep fried. I don't find any surprises in this dish.
The deep fried kang kong? A dish which happens to be one of my favorite and a must have at any Thai restaurant I visit. This time I must say I was disappointed. The kang kong not only came in batter that wasn't crispy, it was also bland.
A sweet and sour peanut sauce is served together with the dish. It does make the kang kong taste a bit better but it'll be better if I could eat it without the sauce like I normally do.
The Thai style Seafood Otak otak looked really appetizing when it arrived. The aroma was great but somehow the taste wasn't so. I think too much basil leaves were included and also the egg was over beaten. H didn't like it much but I thought it was quite bearable.
Ah....the savior of the night's dinner. The seafood Tom yam. Now, this is really good. The tom yam is sour, a little bit sweet, spicy and not liquid. The fish, calamari, prawns and a few ladies' fingers all tasted good and fresh. Now be forewarned, the spiciness of this dish overloads your taste buds.

Tup Tim this the way the dessert is supposed to be? I can't remember how many times I've had this dessert and loved it but this is the one time I'll give the thumbs down. The santan (coconut milk) tasted old and 'expired', the starch is gooey. No more next time.
Maa Roy is run by Thais and all I can sum up is; I think it is too authentic for our taste buds. The staff here are friendly and it did make our visit better with their politeness. The one thing is, they charge 80 cents for a cup of plain water. That's rather much, no? Anyway, these are my comments and thoughts. If you would like to visit this restaurant, it is located at: 6A Abu Siti Lane, Penang. Tel: 04-2265816. Hope you enjoy! :o)


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