September 15, 2009

Apom....Ooooo yummy

This is my family's favourite stall. Apom, Yes. This couple makes the BEST apom in Penang. At least it is for my family. Why I say it is the best is simply because of the fragrance and texture. No smoky smell and the apom thin but not too thin. I know charcoal made ones are better but somehow some stalls makes them 'smoked'. I needn't have to go further on this little piece of apom. You run along down to Chulia Street and taste if for yourself. Where? This stall is found at the end of Chulia Street, Penang(near the end where Mesjid Kapitan Kling is situated).

See the number of people waiting for their orders of Apoms? Enjoy :o)

1 comment:

shengfatt said...

same food in my place! apam nice! nanged u! hope u will nang me! nang me!