August 21, 2009

A sundae called Rote Gruetze

If there is a contest to vote for the best sundae in the city of Penang, I would vote for this one. This sundae is found at Ingolf's Kneipe. I frequent Ingolf's for dinner and this is the first time I ordered this sundae, the Rote Gruetze. It is ice-cream served with German styled red berries simmered with vanilla stick, sugar & sago. What you get from this sundae is a mixture of sweet and sour tastes. Something I would describe as extraordinary and unsinful. I find it kinda interesting chewing on the sago and sour berries. I mean it would normally be just nuts but this sundae has something different. Yeah, don't we always feel very sinful (for those on a weight watch programme) gulping down anything sweet? I didn't feel the least bit sinful gulping down this Rote Gruetze. I think the sour taste sort of make you feel less guilty. Ahaaahaaa....The mixture of tastes will take you out of this world. Yummily unsinful is all I can say here. :o)


aaaa said...

It does look very tasty.

The Exquisite Instigator said...

Where's this place exactly?

I'm thinking of giving it a try :) said...

Hi,TQ 4 coming by. D place is Ingolf's Kneipe and it is in Penang. Near to Jalan Sg Kelian, 2 shops away from Guardian Pharmacy. Hope u enjoy yourself. :o)