August 21, 2009

A sundae called Rote Gruetze

If there is a contest to vote for the best sundae in the city of Penang, I would vote for this one. This sundae is found at Ingolf's Kneipe. I frequent Ingolf's for dinner and this is the first time I ordered this sundae, the Rote Gruetze. It is ice-cream served with German styled red berries simmered with vanilla stick, sugar & sago. What you get from this sundae is a mixture of sweet and sour tastes. Something I would describe as extraordinary and unsinful. I find it kinda interesting chewing on the sago and sour berries. I mean it would normally be just nuts but this sundae has something different. Yeah, don't we always feel very sinful (for those on a weight watch programme) gulping down anything sweet? I didn't feel the least bit sinful gulping down this Rote Gruetze. I think the sour taste sort of make you feel less guilty. Ahaaahaaa....The mixture of tastes will take you out of this world. Yummily unsinful is all I can say here. :o)

August 5, 2009

Assam Laksa...Balik Pulau, Penang

Weeee, yum... YES, this is the famous Balik Pulau Assam Laksa. We just have to make a turn into Balik Pulau town for a bowl of this delicious assam laksa. The much talked about that is. I think there is nowhere down in the city that you can find such good and cheap laksa. This bowl costs only RM2.50 and take a look at the soup. Full of flakes and flakes of fish and the soup is thick. Oh my, this bowl of laksa just overloads my taste buds. Yuuummy!
A little into this laksa thingy. The soup is basically fish (flaked) cooked in ground chili together with lemon grass, shallots, garlic and belacan (prawn paste cake). Shredded vegetables like cucumber, onions, red chilis, pineapple, lettuce, mint leaves (daun kesum) and chopped pink bunga kantan (ginger buds) are added to the soup. The soup is served with thick rice noodles. Now this is an acquired dish. There is quite a fishy smell due to the amount of fish used. Take a look at these pictures here. In the spoon is the prawn/shrimp paste. Now this is another strong smell thingy. As locals we love this 'heh koh' (prawn paste) added but if you are not familiar with this, take a sniff first.
This is the Lemak Laksa (or Siamese Laksa). This is a type of Laksa with a thick coconut gravy. The gravy is slightly sweet and strongly spiced. The main aroma comes from the kaffir lime leaves. This is just as good and delicious as the assam laksa served here.
Try also what this 'kopi-tiam' offers. Their home 'brewed' white nutmeg cordial. It will be bottled and mixed with assam boi (sour plum) when you placed an order. This kopi tiam is Nan Guang and it is situated just next to the Balik Pulau wet-market. Enjoy :o)