July 2, 2009

Trip to Salsas...for dinner

Salsas... This restaurant is quite a favorite of ours. Salsas has been featured in our local daily quite a couple of times. I didn't take the window seat on the night we patronized. I thought I'd take a different table. This one gives me a 'higher' view.
If you sit here, take a look outside. You can see trishaws, cars and people passing by. Can be interesting at times. Something to keep you occupied besides talking whilst you wait for your food.

I always find David's (the owner) starter/app-etizers interesting. It was Seafood Platter salad we had. It was the way it was done. The dressing is really something. Mmmm...How can I describe it? The dressing, it has that tangy taste, sweet...just yummy different. Many other restaurants just serve salad with a blob of whatever dressing and it comes from the bottle. Not here at Salsas.
We had asparagus soup. The soup served was delicious. Thick and creamy like always. What I find interesting is the color. Have you ever wondered or noticed that the soup is always yellowish in color? It was asparagus soup that we had but take a look at the color, it is yellowish, no? Heeheee, I can't help but think that yellow must be Mister David's color.
It was grilled lamb next. Oooh, it is sooo tender. I almost didn't want to swallow it so fast. Very well marinated in rosemary and red wine. You can savor the juice oozing just as you take a bite into a slice of the lamb.
Carrot walnut cake with ice cream as dessert. Oh, I feel so guilty taking a bite, another bite and then finishing everything. I had to finish what was served. Why let even a morsel of such good food go to waste, right? It was a set dinner that we had. A good meal, a nice evening and also pleasant to the wallet. :o)
** Salsas is situated along upper Penang Road.

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