July 23, 2009

German? Here....Ingolf's Kneipe

Have you been here? It is a restaurant that serves German sausages. Foot long sausages, chipolatas, pork pie, etc. Ingolf's serves food from other countries as well. Ingolf's Kneipe has been around for 11 years plus and the owner is a German. I checked the web and kneipe means bar. Right, Ingolf's do have a bar counter where you can sit and have a mug of Paulener beer. Just visit to find out more, okay? For information, I'm not advertising for this restaurant. It just happened that I love coming here and do a bit of 'kay-poh' (oh, for non-Malaysians, the word means bz body) work.
Picture here and above shows the section upstairs. Simple yet nice and cozy looking.
You gonna love this. I call it the BEST cream of mushroom soup in town.
Take a close look at the soup. Lots of mushrooms, Swiss brown and also some wild ones. Really thick not with corn starch but milk and cream. Ooo...creamylicious.
Hubby decided to try the Lamb shank braised in red wine sauce.
I stole many bites of the lamb shank from hubby's plate. You can see from the picture that the lamb shank is really sizeable. A bit too much for one person unless...you are a big eater.
The lamb shank came served with mashed potato, good supply of garden green salad and lentils stew cooked with some spices. Oh, this is so great. Tender, juicy and yummy.
I decided to have the sausages. 1/2 dozen Nuernberger sausages served with mash potato, mustard and sauerkraut. You are definitely going to love eating the sausages if you love sauerkraut. Together the taste is simply awesome.
We couldn't push anything more into our tummies after the two enormous plates of food. We called it a night after that and left without even our usual coffee. Ingolf's Kneipe is situated in Tanjung Bungah, Penang. :o) **Prices quoted include 10% Service & 5% Govt Tax

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