July 31, 2009

Japanese food in Penang? Try Sumida....

This is my second visit to Sumida, a Japanese Restaurant in Penang. One quite brightly lit restaurant and I find it good. Good in the sense you can at least read some novel or newspapers while you wait for your food.
Besides the lighting, the interior is quite well planned. Nice soft friendly look with the wood used. Lights, tables and even the partitions.
Hubby and I took the tatami seating area. This is only time I opt for the tatami area. See from the picture here, there is ample leg room. You can put both your feet down because the tatami area is built differently.

As age catches up do you notice that it is rather hard to uncurl your legs and stand up after a meal? heeeheee...
Hubby ordered the mackerel pike and deep fried dumplings. (Sanma kasa-yaki & age gyoza). I took a little bite and oh, it is so nicely grilled. No fishy taste, very nicely seasoned and fresh!

I ordered the butter fried salmon and deep fried chicken. (Salmon bata-yaki & Tori karage) but the owner recommended the butter fried white tuna.
Oh, it was such a good recommendation. You can taste the freshness of the white tuna. Very lightly fried in butter and the taste is sweet not as in sugar but as in the sweetness of the fish. The mentioned meal comes in bento boxes. In the box besides the main dish, you get pototo salad (Japanese style), some greens dressed in thousand island sauce and two kinds of Japanese pickles.
Chawan-mushi (steamed egg Japanese style) is included together with miso soup and dessert.
This is one restaurant that serves Japanese food quite close to a hotel standard.
I'm a fetish where tempura is concerned. I will never give it a miss and I (okay a bit biased in judgement passed) always decide on my next impending visit by...the taste of the way the tempura is prepared. This is one restaurant I would return. This is already my 2nd visit no? Take a look at the tempura sauce here. Lots of chopped radishes in it. This is what I say generous. I am smiling as I typed this. Something I have to mention here. The owner of this restaurant got a bit worried (or is she?) when she asked the reason why I was taking pictures. Am I doing a food write-up or blog, or...? I told her that I'm doing my 'everyday life blog'. She wasn't quite friendly after that. Was she worried about what I would write? Only this.... this is one restaurant I would recommend if you really love Japanese food and don't want to pay 5-star hotel price. Sumida was used to be at Penang Mutiara Hotel and they were there for 15 years. :o)

July 23, 2009

German? Here....Ingolf's Kneipe

Have you been here? It is a restaurant that serves German sausages. Foot long sausages, chipolatas, pork pie, etc. Ingolf's serves food from other countries as well. Ingolf's Kneipe has been around for 11 years plus and the owner is a German. I checked the web and kneipe means bar. Right, Ingolf's do have a bar counter where you can sit and have a mug of Paulener beer. Just visit to find out more, okay? For information, I'm not advertising for this restaurant. It just happened that I love coming here and do a bit of 'kay-poh' (oh, for non-Malaysians, the word means bz body) work.
Picture here and above shows the section upstairs. Simple yet nice and cozy looking.
You gonna love this. I call it the BEST cream of mushroom soup in town.
Take a close look at the soup. Lots of mushrooms, Swiss brown and also some wild ones. Really thick not with corn starch but milk and cream. Ooo...creamylicious.
Hubby decided to try the Lamb shank braised in red wine sauce.
I stole many bites of the lamb shank from hubby's plate. You can see from the picture that the lamb shank is really sizeable. A bit too much for one person unless...you are a big eater.
The lamb shank came served with mashed potato, good supply of garden green salad and lentils stew cooked with some spices. Oh, this is so great. Tender, juicy and yummy.
I decided to have the sausages. 1/2 dozen Nuernberger sausages served with mash potato, mustard and sauerkraut. You are definitely going to love eating the sausages if you love sauerkraut. Together the taste is simply awesome.
We couldn't push anything more into our tummies after the two enormous plates of food. We called it a night after that and left without even our usual coffee. Ingolf's Kneipe is situated in Tanjung Bungah, Penang. :o) **Prices quoted include 10% Service & 5% Govt Tax

July 2, 2009

Trip to Salsas...for dinner

Salsas... This restaurant is quite a favorite of ours. Salsas has been featured in our local daily quite a couple of times. I didn't take the window seat on the night we patronized. I thought I'd take a different table. This one gives me a 'higher' view.
If you sit here, take a look outside. You can see trishaws, cars and people passing by. Can be interesting at times. Something to keep you occupied besides talking whilst you wait for your food.

I always find David's (the owner) starter/app-etizers interesting. It was Seafood Platter salad we had. It was the way it was done. The dressing is really something. Mmmm...How can I describe it? The dressing, it has that tangy taste, sweet...just yummy different. Many other restaurants just serve salad with a blob of whatever dressing and it comes from the bottle. Not here at Salsas.
We had asparagus soup. The soup served was delicious. Thick and creamy like always. What I find interesting is the color. Have you ever wondered or noticed that the soup is always yellowish in color? It was asparagus soup that we had but take a look at the color, it is yellowish, no? Heeheee, I can't help but think that yellow must be Mister David's color.
It was grilled lamb next. Oooh, it is sooo tender. I almost didn't want to swallow it so fast. Very well marinated in rosemary and red wine. You can savor the juice oozing just as you take a bite into a slice of the lamb.
Carrot walnut cake with ice cream as dessert. Oh, I feel so guilty taking a bite, another bite and then finishing everything. I had to finish what was served. Why let even a morsel of such good food go to waste, right? It was a set dinner that we had. A good meal, a nice evening and also pleasant to the wallet. :o)
** Salsas is situated along upper Penang Road.