June 8, 2009

Sabah Pan Mee...in Penang

How many times have I visited this stall? I think this is the fourth and I finally remem-bered my camera. Sabah Pan Mee, Yes! I remember my auntie making this dish when I was younger. This dish is well-known in Sabah that is what I found out from the vendor.

A machine is used to flatten the flour dough and then cut. Back then, my auntie uses her fingers to make the 'mee' though it wasn't exactly longish but flattened bits.
This is the 2nd place I've come across in Penang selling this Sabah Pan Mee. Very tasty stock this vendor uses. The bowl comes with a good portion of the mee, abundance of anchovies, black fungus and the 'kau kee' vegetables. I finished every morsel of it. Ahh...good memories and yummy to the last drop.

The Ampang Yong Tou Foo here isn't bad either. Good stock and what I like most is the TeoChew fish ball. Good value for money. Paid only RM7 for this big bowl.

Ah ha...the drinks? Gosh...I wonder if the lady knows I'm going to write about it. She charged me RM1.80 for this glass of iced Nescafe. As it is, I was quite reluctant to pay RM1.80 for this glass and what more...when I tasted the drink, it was quite diluted! Now in case you are wondering where this place is, it is Goodall Kopitiam, Gottlieb Road, Penang. Try the food here but the drinks...the decision is yours to make!:o)

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