June 4, 2009

No.113...Fried Porridge.

This is my second visit to this restaurant. The first time was for their signature dish Fried Porridge. Porridge fried? Yes, it is. It is on the cover of their menu.  If you have not tasted fried porridge before, you have got to try it. It is this dish that we came back for. Their other signature dish. The Fried Curry Wildboar. The curry is 'ear tingling' hot and spicy but it is sooo delicious. The good amount of onions added in and the curry leaves makes it aromatic.
Next comes the 3 Mixes Fried Pomfret. The 3 mixes means it is spicy, saltish and sweet. How true to the menu. It is hot as in spicy. Watch out for the 'little boms' mixed with the gravy. I mean the chilli padi (bird's eye chilli). The fish is deep fried crispy but not dry. We finished every single bit of the fish. Oh...the bones were left behind. LOL. There is one dish of vegetables I would recommend. It is one of my family's favourite. The Black Four Season Bean. Just a simple dish of long beans fried with 'chai poh' (preserved turnips) and black soya sauce. The chef did a very good job here. The beans came fried, cooked and still retain that bite in it. It is good. Oh...did we have a scrumptious meal? Yes, even with only 3 dishes for 2 persons. Where is it? Restaurant 113 is located in Fettes Park (Opposite Prima Tanjung), Penang. :o)


Raymond said...

heard about fried porridge before, but never try it.

Bubbles...ooo said...

Give it a try. It is amazing how they fry the porridge. Something so liquid. It actually taste very good. :o)